Monday, October 3, 2011

October Class Schedule

Thursday, October 6, 5-8 pm..................................................Stash Pot Pie II
Saturday, October 8, 10-11am................................................Patriots Block of the Month
Tuesday, October 11...............................................................Pick up Monthly Minis
Tuesday, October 11, 5:30-8:30pm..........................................Paper Piecing Basics
Thursday, October 13, 5-8pm..................................................Original Stash Pot Pie
Saturday, October 15, 10-11am...............................................Tonga Rhapsody Block of the Month
Tuesday, October 18, 5:30-8:30pm..........................................Quilting Basics
Wednesday, October 19, 2-6pm..............................................Farmer's Wife
Thursday, October 20, 6-8pm..................................................Wool Applique Block of the Month
Saturday, October 29, 12-4pm.................................................Paper Piecing Basics


Quilting Basics:  Taught by Karen Skraba, who is a wonderful teacher who will take you through the basics while you make a 12" block that can be made into a little hanging quilt or pillow while you learn the techniques that will make your quilting future bright.  Class fee (includes pattern and material) $25.00.  Class supply list:  Thread, scissors, pins and your sewing machine.  If you want to reserve a shop machine, call me at 218-254-1700.

Paper Piecing:  This was so popular that we are having two more classes this month.  We provide the fabrics, pattern and paper.  Class fee $25.00.  Karen will be showing you how to use an Add-A-Quarter ruler, so if you have one, bring it.  Otherwise I have them for sale.  Supply list:  Thread, scissors, a small ruler and SMALL cutting mat if you have one with a rotary cutter, and your machine. 


SHOP HOP This week Thursday-Saturday, October 6-8.  Pick up your passport from me and visit all the shops!  Our Shop Hop Quilt is beautiful and each shop has a $100.00 value basket of goodies that you can qualify to win by completing your passport.  Quilt shops participating are Quilt Shop of Chisholm, Quilts Around the Corner, Sew Much and More, Terri's Treasures, The Quilted Dog and Timeless Treasures.  Each shop will have a Feature Fall Pattern at 15% off. 


  Last Month, Murder in the Quilt Shop of Chisholm debuted here in the blog, and many of you called me to tell me that you suspected FLANNEL TAMMI.  You were right!  Let's see if you can guess this one!



It was a bright and sunny morning at QSOC and I decided I better roll out the awning in front to keep the quilts in the window from fading.  A car of quilters from "the cities" pulled up and began to unload like clowns from a tiny car.  (OK, it was a van and there were only 5 of them.)  I welcomed them to QSOC and held open the door for them, following them inside.  Dawn, Julie and Marlene were busy working on their Tuesday Morning projects and solving the world's problems with Bev.  Suddenly, a shot rang out!  But it was only Dawn's cell phone ring tone.  She answered her phone, and we all relaxed.

  The shop was beginning to get busy when my favorite customer, Belva, blew in the door.  Belva is a very experienced quilter and spares no expense to indulge herself in her latest project.  Her latest project just happened to be a flannel quilt kit that is very QUICK AND EASY.  Belva made a bee line to me and threw her completed quilt top down on the cutting table in front of me.  She fixed her beady little piercing eyes on me and I could tell I was in for it.  "I want you to cut this quilt top by the pattern for me RIGHT NOW," she bellowed.  She leaned in close to me and said in a whisper, "I'm scared to do it myself."  I calmed her down and finally her heavily ringed fingers stopped flashing around and blinding everyone with the reflections of her diamonds in the sunlight.  "See, Belva", I explained to her - "when we cut the quilt top on the diagonal like this....." I cut with my rotary cutter...."and turn it around and sew it like this......" I pinned it....." then you can cut it again and all the squares will be on point like a diamond", I explained.  To myself I thought that the 5 inch squares we were cutting were ALMOST as big as one of her diamonds.

Belva was just leaving, when.....suddenly, a shot rang out again!  Dawn answered her phone again.  "Hello.  Hello.  HELLO?" she said.  One of the women from the cities screamed and pointed to the floor.  Belva was face up on the carpet with blood pooling under her head.  One of the women from the cities raced to Belva's side and felt for a pulse.  "I'm a nurse", she said.  "She's dead."  

I was too stunned to move.  Bev called 911.  When she hung up, she informed us that the 911 operator told us to all remain calm and for no one to leave or enter the "scene of the crime" until the police arrived.  

Since Belva, or "the body", was right by the front door, we were all standing around staring at it, except for Dawn, who was still trying to answer her phone, when a customer approached the door.  It was Diana.  "WAIT!", I said as she opened the door.  "You can't come in.  Someone has been murdered, and the police said not to come in."  

"Well, too bad," said Diana, with a toss of her blonde hair.  "I need to pick up my block of the month.  And was only Belva."  A sharp intake of breath could be heard in the shop, and then silence until...."HELLO? Is anybody there?" from Dawn.  "DAWN!" shouted Julie.  "Nobody is on your phone.  That was a real gun shot.  Not your ringtone!  Put your phone down and come here.  We have a dead woman here and she is starting to bleed on the fabric."  Diana reached down and picked up poor Belva's quilt top.  "OOOH!" she exclaimed.  "Well, she won't be needing this anymore.  Finder's Keepers."

Officer Al looked through the glass door from outside and just shook his head.  Another murder at Quilt Shop of Chisholm.  He knew that the 911 dispatcher always told witnesses not to touch anything, and he could see one of the women picking up a bag by the body and another two moving bolts of fabric away from the body.  He pulled open the door and yelled, "Freeze!"  The ladies all jumped and stared at him.  Suddenly, a shot rang out.  "Now I know that's my phone, said Dawn and began to trot toward the back of the store."  Officer Al was stunned that someone would run toward a gun shot.  He picked himself up from behind a sewing machine display stand and peeked around the corner.  "It's her ring tone."  I said.  "That's why we didn't realize right away that someone had been shot.  We thought it was Dawn's phone ringing."  Officer Al looked a little sheepish, but quickly recovered.  "Hey, you," he yelled toward Dawn.  "Get off the phone, and bring it up here right now.  That phone is evidence and you are getting a ticket."  

"For WHAT??" asked Dawn.  Officer Al scratched his head and then tilted his chin at her.  "Interfering with a police investigation and having a gun shot ring tone."  Dawn just stared at him.  "You have got to be kidding me."  

"All of you just go sit down at the back table and we'll go over what happened, one at a time," officer Al said.  "I don't have time for this," said Diana, with another toss of her head.  "I just came in to pick up my block of the month.  I have places to go and people to see."  Officer Al shook his head and pulled out his notebook.

Later that night, Officer All looked at his list of suspects:

Mary, quilt shop owner - Belva bossed her around, but Belva also spent a lot of money every month in the quilt shop.  

Bev, quilt shop employee - Belva did NOT boss her around.  Nobody bosses Bev around.

Ladies from the cities - all alibi each other, did not know Belva, had no motive.

Dawn - troublemaker, has a ring tone like a gun shot, but apparently kept trying to answer the gun shot after the murder.  No motive.  

Julie and Marlene - each other's alibis.  No motive

Diana - Arrived at the scene shortly after crime committed and proceeded to compromise evidence.  When told by police to give back the bag with Belva's quilt top in it, stated:  "I want it, and what Diana Wants, Diana Gets."  Victim appears to have been shot in the back of the head, but was she facing the door or was she turned around to look at something?  

Officer Al decided he better call this Diana to get some further information.  He dialed her number.  Diana was fondling the Quick and Easy Squares quilt top she had taken from Belva's side and tossing back a martini (and her hair) when her phone began to ring.  Suddenly, a shot rang out.


I guess that if you are still with me, you know that this month's mystery showcases the Quick and Easy Squares Quilt kit shown below.  As pictured without borders, it is 44" x 64".  The pattern calls for a border that makes the throw 56" x 76".  The soft flannel "Woolie" fabrics are precut in strips and ready for you to get started.  The kit is $39.00, and you will need two yards of fabric for border and binding in addition to the kit.  And of course if you can guess who killed Belva, then you get a 10% discount off the kit!  


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pictures of Quilts

Merry and Bright Christmas Throw
(kit $39.00)

Forest Table Mat
(Kit $19.00, includes backing)

Our 2011 Wool Applique Block of the Month!

Monday, August 22, 2011


This month I'm starting something new.  If you want to see the newsletter and class schedule, email me at and I'll put you on the email list. 

Each month, someone will be murdered at Quilt Shop of Chisholm and you will have a chance to solve the murder and get a discount on the featured product (kit, fabric, pattern, etc.)  It's okay ---- all the victims are like video game characters and they have "multiple lives".  This month I will be murdered, but don't think I won't reappear!

A DISCLAIMER:  These "murders", all characteristics and words of the characters are fictitious.  Only the actual names will be used.  Don't even try to get your lawyer involved if your name appears --- you can't get blood out of a turnip and a lawyer will not work to get you a discount on fabric.  Believe me, I've tried!


It was a dark and stormy afternoon at Quilt Shop of Chisholm.  Mary was cutting fat quarters of  flannel.  Barb and Bev were in the back office making coffee and talking.  The bell on the front door jingled, and they could hear Mary talking to a customer.  Bev heard a loud "THUMP" and the bell jingled again.  As they got to the door of the office and looked out into the shop, Barb said, "I don't see Mary, but there are some bolts of FLANNEL THROWn on the floor.  She must be playing with the bolts again.  I'll pick them up while you get the coffee."  Bev went back to pour the coffee and returned to the shop to see Barb staring white faced at the floor and pointing.  "She's dead,"  Barb whispered.  "Who?"  said Bev.  Barb stepped aside and pointed at the floor.  Bev could just see the toes and shapely ankles of her friend.   (Hey, I'm writing this.  I can have shapely ankles if I want to.) "Call the police, Barb!"  Barb looked for the cordless phone, but of course she couldn't find it.  Running around the shop in circles, she stopped for a sip of coffee several times and finally found the phone under the flannel bolts on the floor.  "The phone is under the bolts with Mary!"   "Well, grab it!" said Bev.  "I'm not touching a dead body.  I don't get paid enough for that!"  said Barb.  "GET IT!" demanded Bev, and Barb quickly picked up the phone and looked up at Bev.  "What's the number for 911?"

When the police officer arrived, Barb and Bev were sitting at the table drinking coffee and the body had a quilt THROWN over it.  Officer Al lifted up the quilt and checked the body.  "Looks like she was bludgeoned  by flannel.  But you can tell it was personal.  What kind of a monster would take the time to hack up her hair like that?"  Barb and Bev looked at each other.  "Oh, that wasn't the killer.  Her hair always looked like that" said Bev.  "Really?" said Officer Al.  "Can you think of anyone who would want to kill Mary?"  Barb and Bev looked at each other again and then the giggles started.  "How much time do you have?"  asked Barb.  "Let's see.....there could have been Bev or myself.  Her husband.  Her children.  Her customers........"

Officer Al looked at his list of suspects:
1.  Husband of victim.  Drives up to front of shop in new sportscar with a young redhead on his arm to identify the body.  Says, "YEP, that's her.  Gotta go now.  I'll be at Fortune Bay with my 'sister' if you need me."  Husband doesn't have a sister.  Husband took out large life insurance policy on wife one week prior to murder.

2.  Children of victim.  When daughter contacted by phone, says, "Oh, too bad.  Well, at least I don't have to worry about her writing stupid personal things on her blog about me anymore.  And as her only daughter, don't I get all that cheap costume jewelry she wore?"  Oldest son in Florida wanted to know if he had to "show up" for anything.  Middle son seemed genuinely upset, but not surprised.  "FLANNEL THROWn?  Isn't it obvious?  Check out 'Flannel Tammi'," he whispered and hung up.  Youngest son only said "does this mean I can watch what I want to on TV tonight?".

3.  Barb and Bev.  Alibi each other.  Unless they did it together.

4.  Mike the postman.  Says he saw a pretty blonde hurrying away from the shop as he was delivering the mail on the day of the murder.  Says when he entered the shop to bring in a wheelbarrow of bills to the shop,  he saw Barb running around in circles looking for the phone and left in a hurry.  Note to self:  must find out who "mystery blonde" is.

5.  "Flannel Tammi".  Note to self:  Found the mystery blonde. --Interviewed suspect at her home where she tried to hide her "stash" of flannel by closing the door to her Flannel Room.  I knew it was the Flannel Room because she had a sign over the door that said "Flannel Room" and she finally couldn't keep it closed any longer.  Told me she would just "pet" the flannel while we talked, whatever that means.  I asked her if she had been in the shop on the day of the murder, and she looked wildly around before saying.  "No.  But I should have been!  She deserved it!  Selling all that beautiful flannel to just ANYONE.  And she had all those EASY FLANNEL THROW kits with the beautiful combinations of Maywood Woolie Flannels and they were selling and selling and soon there would not be any left for me.........but of course I wasn't there.  Can't think of any reason anyone would want to THROW FLANNEL at her."  Note to self:  Find out if Tammi is single.  She's really cute.

By now, you've probably figured out that the quilt kit I'm promoting is the EASY FLANNEL THROW.  Here is a picture of  two different EASY FLANNEL THROWS.  We put them together in many color ways, and they are all gorgeous.  The kits sell for $48.00 and make a 54" x 72" lap throw.  Fabric for backing is extra.  Let me put one together in your colors and if you can guess who murdered Mary you will get 10% off your kit and backing!!!!!!  Call or come in and let me know if you guessed it!   (218) 254-1700.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is our beautiful Block of the Month "Patriots in Petticoats".  We still have some openings! 
This quilt and bag are made with the Hannah Wallace Collection from Wyndham Fabrics in conjunction with the Daughters of the American Revolution.
This is a quilt made by Helen Wykstra from fabrics she bought a few years ago.
This is a quilt shown at our recent quilt camp - pattern created and made from looking at a photo -  by Jean Goad!
Some of our shy campers modeling their PURSES. 

Jennifer (last name not provided to protect the innocent) is a normal person and has not been drinking.
This is me (Mary) in the shop.  Notice I am not wearing a purse on my head.
Both of these quilts are in the book "Hop To It" by Edyta Sytar.  Kits available!!!!

June Newsletter

Hours:M,T,W,F 10am-6pm
Thursday 10am-8pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Sundays Closed


Patriots and Petticoats - 2nd Saturday of the month (June 11 & July 9)
Monthly Minis - 2nd Tuesday of the month (June 14 & July 12)
Wool Applique - 3rd Thursday of the month (June 16 & July 21)
Tonga Rhapsody - 3rd Saturday of the month (June 18 & July16)

Usually these are ready before the scheduled date if you want to call to check and you can pick them up early.


PIGS - Old Stash Pot Pie will resume in September, the 2nd Thursday, 4pm-8pm (or whenever you can get here.) We will now be known as PIGS (projects in grocery sacks.) This class is full and you know who you are, PIGS.

NEW STASH POT PIE class will start in September! This class will be the 1st Thursday of the month, and it will be up to you if you want it to be in the afternoon or the evening. In other words, you can come at 1pm and leave at 4pm or come at 4pm and leave at 8pm. Or come at 1pm and leave at 8pm! We will go by the original Stash Pot Pie patterns and make some beautiful quilts using your stash. $10.00 per month. Begins September 1st! If this class fills up as fast as the current one, you better sign up early! Limited to 9 people.

SURVEY ABOUT CLASSES: I can schedule classes all month long, but I need to know what classes ya’ll want! Do you want classes on table runners, bags, bed runners, purses, pillowcases, new techniques, free motion quilting?? Answer me by email and phone. OR come in and TELL ME AND YOU WILL GET A FREE FAT QUARTER!

BEGINNERS: If you know of someone who wants to begin quilting refer her to me, you will get a little “bonus” from me if she signs up and attends beginner classes. The “bonus” will have at least a $20 value. I will custom this bonus to each of you individually, based on what I know about you and your quilting habits! So now is the time to get those beginners started.

DID YOU KNOW that I have 2 Baby Lock shop machines? If you want to come in and sew or if your beginner friends have no machine and still want to learn, these machines can be used for the incredible value of $7.50 per class or day! If you reserve one in advance for class, think how nice it would be not to have to haul your machine in.

Starting tomorrow, May 26, we will be having:
Every Thursday, since we are open until 8pm, we will have a special for THAT DAY ONLY. It will be my choice; a percent or dollar off amount of specific fabrics or notions, etc. It will be different every Thursday and it will be a SURPRISE. We will not tell you over the phone what it is. (Do you see the theme here? I want to GET YOU IN THE SHOP!!! )

QUILT MINNESOTA SHOP HOP FABRICS should be shipping to us right now so we’ll have them in the shop next week. Pre-orders must be paid for as they will be cut and put away for you to pick up when the shop hop begins!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Newsletter

April 2011 Newsletter

Quilt Shop of Chisholm
116 W Lake St
Chisholm, MN 55719

Hours: MTWF 10am-6pm, The 10am-8pm, Sat 9am-4pm

April Classes:

UFO - Thursday, April 7, ?-8pm
Patriots and Petticoats Block of the Month - Saturday, April 9, 10am-11am
Monthly Mini’s B.O.M. - Tuesday, April 12, 4-6pm (or until you need us)
Stash Pot Pie - Thursday, April 14, ?-8pm
Tonga Rhapsody - Saturday, April 16, 10-11am
Geometric Gems - Wednesday, April 20th and May 4th, 1pm-4pm or 5pm-8pm
Wool Appliqué B.O.M. - Thursday, April 21, 6pm-8pm

Quilt Camp!!!!! - Thursday, April 28 till Sunday, May 1

Remember, if your name is mentioned in the newsletter, no matter how inappropriately, you will get a FREE FQ when you come in and tell me!

We still have openings in the Patriots, Tonga Rhapsody and Wool Blocks of the Month if you didn’t sign up and want to start them! I have finished the top of the Patriots quilt and it is unbelievably beautiful. The blocks all came out the right size - even the ribbon border fit and was a no-brainer! I have to give Bev credit for sewing the blocks together and making a few of the blocks. (No - really - I HAVE to give her credit or she will make my life miserable. She says the only time I give her credit for sewing something is when I’ve messed it up and she has to finish it and it’s too far gone to fix correctly.)

UFO and STASH POT PIE will both have pie (or cake) this month due to the fact that Nancy K. wanted her sister to attend Stash Pot Pie on the 2nd Thursday and her sister went ahead and booked her plane ticket so that she will be here the 1st Thursday. So we are pretending that UFO is Stash Pot Pie for Nancy (she is making a Wacky Cake!) and her sister. Sisters are a piece of work, aren’t they? Who else can be your best friend and worst enemy all within a 24 hour period? Except for my sisters, of course. We are all united in making our only brother’s life a Living Hell. It’s okay, his wife and daughters are united with us. We don’t even have to try, it just comes naturally! Anyway, come to UFO and we’ll pretend it’s Stash Pot Pie.

Stash Pot Pie will still be Stash Pot Pie and Karl will be baking for us! Come and join us, even if you aren’t going to sew -- you will be amazed at the things you learn and the surveys you are asked to participate in. No subject is taboo. No Subject. My husband will not come to the shop during Stash Pot Pie because he doesn’t want to overhear any of the conversations. And at any given time, there are at least three conversations going strong.

Geometric Gems -- This is a technique class that will be taught by Karen Skraba. It will help you control your scrappy strip techniques, teach you bias techniques while creating diamonds, assist you with pieced borders and talk about finishing (quilting) techniques. All in only two sessions! The sample will be in the shop by April 1, so you can see what you’ll be making, and the book and ruler you will need will be available for purchase. Also, I’ll help you pick out your fabrics before class. Class will be April 20 and May 4, 1pm to 4pm (Wednesday afternoon.) If you can’t make afternoon classes, Karen says she will also do a class the same days from 5pm to 8pm if there is enough interest! Class fee $15 per class, so $30 total plus book and supplies.

QUILT CAMP at Chicagami -- Thursday to Sunday, $160.00. Friday to Sunday, $130.00. So far we still have space available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Newsletter

Quilt Shop of Chisholm

116 W Lake St

Chisholm, MN 55719


Hrs: M T W F 10am-6pm,Th 10am-8pm, Sat 9am-4pm


UFO - Thursday, February 3, whenever until 8pm

Monthly Mini BOM - Tuesday, Feb. 8, 4-6pm or later

Farmer’s Wife - Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2-6pm

Stash Pot Pie - Thursday, Feb. 10, whenever until 8pm

Patriots in Petticoats - Saturday, Feb. 12, 10am-11am

Aunt Grace Circle of Friends - Saturday, Feb. 12, 12-1pm

Wool Block of the Month - Thursday, Feb. 17, 6-8pm


If your name is mentioned in this newsletter, no matter how inappropriately, you will receive a FREE FAT QUARTER!!!


My niece Jodie, who does not quilt, reads my blog and made a comment: “What is with you quilters and fat quarters? That is discrimination. You should call them ’boundry-challenged quarters’.” I don’t know if you remember me writing about her in a previous newsletter, but to sum it up, when she was pregnant with her second child and it was a BOY, I told her that her life was OVER. I was right. I haven’t seen her in a while. If you think it’s bad now, Jodie, wait until you discover that he’s raising chickens in his bedroom closet when he’s 17. Just a little something for you to look forward to.

NEW IN MARCH - Tonga Rhapsody 2011 Block of the Month! These are beautiful batiks that we received recently and we have a sign up sheet! It will be $22.00 per month and includes pattern, fabrics for top binding AND WIDE BATIK BACKING. Such a deal!!!!


5th Annual Stars of the North Shop Hop February 23-26. Saturday the 26th we will have a bus (LUXURY COACH with a bathroom) leaving from the Quilt Shop of Chisholm at 8am. We are over half full and need to fill up so CALL ME TO SIGN YOU UP!!!!!!!!!! The cost is $35.00. We will have muffins and coffee for you when you get here from 7:30-8:00, a goodie bag to take on the bus and a hostess to entertain you on the bus!!! If you don’t know Carol Lee, you will by the time you get off the bus. She is very nice, very pretty and I’m not sure but I think she’s a little bit naughty, Sharon Beaver. That must be why I like her! We will have dinner ready for you when you get back from your tour of the other 6 shops: Terri’s Treasures in Iron, Aitkin Quilts and Fabrics, Timeless Treasures in McGregor, Elaine’s Corner in Hill City, Tiger Textiles in Grand Rapids, and Quilts Around the Corner in Hibbing.

QUILT CAMP is coming and I have about 10 people signed up so far - April 28-May 1, Thursday-Sunday. Is it Spring yet??????!!!!!!!

If you signed up for UFO, Pat Young, or if you didn’t sign up, come anyway! I have a feeling the numbers will be low this month because the 1st Thursday “snuck up” on us. Is “snuck” a word? Which brings me to another subject - the UFO class started out as a time for you to finish “unfinished objects” while I demonstrated a technique or new tool for your education. I know it’s hard to believe, but I slacked off a little. Remember the first class where I talked about

A Triangle Block Exchange

And you all looked at me with glassy eyes? The book “Friendship Triangles” by Edyta Sitar has BEAUTIFUL quilts and projects made from half square triangles using her 2” half square triangle paper. We bundle these up using a dark strip of fabric or batik and a light strip along with a sheet of triangle paper that makes 28 half square triangles and sell them for $2.50. They are by the cash register and we call them “Cinnamon Sticks” (NOT “Cigars”, Mary Jo.) We now have a sign up sheet if you want to make up HST (half square triangles) and exchange them in the shop. Come check it out, and come check out the 2 quilts we have in the shop made from these HST’s: “Tree of Life” and “Southern Exposure”. Of course, kits are available if you want to purchase them, and the kits include the cigars -- I mean cinnamon sticks, Bev Cherro.

Monthly Mini’s - there is still 1 opening for the Monthly Minis Block of the Month. The stand (which those of you who picked up already know) is $20.00. Each month you get the pattern, fabrics and any buttons if needed along with your stand topper for $25.00. Very cute.

Farmer’s Wife - I’m back to cranking out blocks again! This is fun. This class is very loosely formed - you can copy square and triangle sizes from my book if you don’t want to use templates (who does?) or you can cut your fabrics or sew your blocks or browse the fat quarters (boundry challenged quarters) or just sit and stare into space and drink coffee. No class fee.

Stash Pot Pie - If you need a copy of the cutting directions for the February class, we have them. This month is FRENCH SILK CHOCOLATE PIE and KEY LIME PIE. God bless you, Karl.

Patriots in Petticoats Block of the Month - THE FABRICS ARE HERE and we can finally start. Month 1 is 2 different 10” finished blocks and they are beautiful and go together like a dream. Come see my blocks. Yours are ready to pick up! There are still some openings for this Block of the Month. $21.50 per month, Julie Lange.

Aunt Grace Circle of Friends Block of the Month - Block number 6 - the applique! We will be including “Doris’s Tips” with this month’s pattern. Next month (month 7) includes your borders and binding to finish!

Wool Applique - BY POPULAR DEMAND, I’VE GOTTEN IN MORE KITS FOR THE WOOL BLOCK OF THE MONTH, SO YOU CAN STILL JOIN! $15.00 PER MONTH, PLUS THREAD. The blocks are BEAUTIFUL. Jackie has 3 done (she’s in the Cities with a new grandchild and took her stuff with her, so I’m sure she’ll come back with a few more!)

Who wants to do a One Block Wonder quilt like the one Kay DelGreco made hanging behind the cash register? I have broken out my MAGIC MIRROR and found some really great fabrics that will work. Let’s do a class in March. Let me know if you are interested!!!!!!!

Carol and I work very hard to keep the e-mail list for the newsletter as accurate as possible. Last month there were a number of e-mail addresses returned to us as undeliverable. Most of these were part of the Paul Bunyan network. It appears that our e-mails were blocked due to a filter named “barracuda reputation.” Others were rejected due to a variety of reasons such as: user unknown and mailbox unavailable. So why are we telling you when you obviously are getting the newsletter by email? Because maybe you have a friend who says, “I don’t get the newsletter anymore” and you can tell her that it may be because of this problem and to check with us. Ditto if you are reading this on the blog.

Last but not least: A big thank you to Barb Henry and all the women who made pillow cases for the 1 million pillow case challenge. We have provided 250 pillowcases to The U of MN Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit and the local United Way. The local United Way will distribute these pillow cases to local shelters in St Louis County. Both places were VERY grateful to receive these pillow cases. Barb Henry (who begs for an Employee of the Month award “like Spongebob Squarepants gets” every month) deserves a big pat on the back for organizing this - she suggested it, organized it and made it happen. Good Job, Barb! As a token of my appreciation, I gave her an employee of the month certificate for January 2011. The last time I saw her she was leaving the shop muttering something under her breath about “this is the thanks I get------a pat on the back is free------thankless, good for nothing----see how many Mondays I work from now on------”. I think she must have been on the way to the printer to have her certificate framed!!!!!!

My sisters donate to this charity and asked me to include the link on my blog.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 2011 Class Schedule and Newsletter

Class Schedule and Newsletter

Class Schedule:


UFO class - Thursday, January 6, whenever you get here until 8pm

Aunt Grace Circle of Friends BOM (Month #5) - Saturday, Jan. 8, 12-1pm

Patriots in Petticoats NEW Block of the Month!!!!!! - Saturday, Jan. 8, 10-11am

Monthly Mini NEW Block of the Month!!!!! - Tuesday, Jan 11, 4-6pm (or later)

Hand Quilting??????? - Tuesday, Jan. 11, during the day??? A prize to anyone who can tell me why I have this written on my calender? Did I tell someone we’re doing a class??????

Farmer’s Wife 12-step program support group (My Name is _______, and I am a blockaholic) - Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2-6pm

Stash Pot Pie - Thursday, Jan. 13, whenever til 8pm

Back Home BOM - (last month! You better be caught up!) - Saturday, Jan. 15, 12-2pm

Wool Applique NEW Block of the Month!!!!! - Thursday, Jan. 20, 6-8pm


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I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - today the kids are back in school. My son Austin is the perfect example that, for children, “hope springs eternal”. Even though my husband works for the school and Austin knows he was out plowing snow two days over the weekend with the other guys who work at the school, he said to me last night, “Maybe Mr. Varichak will cancel school tomorrow because of all the snow we’ve gotten. Maybe it will be too slippery to walk on. Maybe it will be too cold.” I wanted to say “And maybe pigs will fly” but I didn’t because that would have gotten me an eye roll and a possible arm crossing. My kids do not think I’m funny, they do not think I’m cool, and in some cases they don’t seem to even think I’m presentable. I know when I lost the respect of my older boys. It was when they were in elementary school and we were coming out of a Target store in the rain. I told them to wait under the shelter while I went and got the car. Then I made the fatal mistake of putting an empty plastic bag over my hair to keep it dry. They were humiliated and traumatized. I guess Charlotte and Austin just picked up the attitude through osmosis. But that’s part of being a mother, I guess. Learning that your kids do not want you to carry on a conversation with their friends or show up at a public school function unless they have pre-approved your clothing choices. Or, as my son David said to me once, “Seriously, Mom. Are you really going out like that?”

The Million Pillowcase Challenge is a national challenge to make pillowcases for donation to charities of our choice. This Sunday we will meet to have a pillowcase marathon! Bring your machine and any fabric that you wish to use for pillowcases. We also happen to have fabric here (surprise) that you may purchase for a VERY reduced price to make pillowcases.

UFO class - Karen Copeman, there is no pie served at this class. I repeat, no pie.

The Patriots in Petticoats new block of the month still has a few openings, Bonnie Keith. This is using fabric circa 1840 designed by Windham Fabrics in conjunction with the Daughters of the American Revolution. Each pattern has two blocks to make for the month and a commentary on a particular female patriot. Some of these stories are unbelievable - when you think of the time these women lived. Those of you who were in the Civil War Tribute block of the month class -- these blocks are a JOY to make - AND - they come out the right size!!!! Believe me, it took both Bev and I to figure out how to do the Civil War block 10 (and then I had to pry it from her hands while telling her it was as good as it was going to get and it would all quilt out. I have very low standards and Bev has very high standards.) If you are signed up for the Patriots in Petticoats class, you will enjoy it very much. If you want to sign up, call me.

The Monthly Mini new block of the month will start on Tuesday, Jan. 11. (Still a few places open.) The time is 4-6pm, but we will stay later if you can’t get here from work and want instruction on the applique, Maggie Manion. Most of you are familiar with the fusible applique technique, but if you need instruction and want to stay past 6pm, I’ll stay with you. The first month you will receive your 12” x 14” stand and the pattern, fabric, buttons and stand topper for February. Instructor: Bev. Cost: $25.00 per month and $20.00 sign up (for the stand).

Call me if you want to sign up!

Farmer’s Wife - What is not to love about the Farmer’s Wife book? You can come to this class and copy the template sizes from my book so that you can rotary cut them. You can use your scraps to make the blocks. There is no class fee. All you need is the book! Come join us……………………….

Stash Pot Pie - You guys are SO lucky that Bev is here. When I overheard some of you saying you wanted to do a SCRAP quilt, possibly a crazy quilt, my evil side came out and I found the perfect pattern. It is so horrendous and I thought to myself “I’ll fix their little red wagon. If they want scrap crazy quilting, THIS will shut them up.” I showed it to Bev (not on purpose) and she told me I could NOT do that to my Stash Pot Pie class and that I’ve always said that Stash Pot Pie was my favorite class and it was MEAN to give them a pattern like that. So I withdraw the pattern I showed you last month, Karen Weber, but you can still do it, if you want to! I’ll come up with a more user friendly scrap quilt pattern.

Back Home Block of the Month - this is our last month - Block 9 and we’ll be ready to put on borders.

Wool Applique NEW Block of the Month! - Jackie has brought in the first block sample - it is very pretty. Last year’s quilt had only red, green, gold and brown wool - but this year’s has gorgeous colors! $15.00 per month, plus threads.