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Finally! I update my blog!

November and December 2009 Newsletter

November Class Schedule:
Free Motion Quilting - Saturday, November 21, 1-3:30pm
Tablerunner of the Month - Thursday, November 19 - 4-8pm
Cobblestone Lane Block of the Month - Saturday, Nov. 21, 10-11am
Sweet Pickin’s Club - Saturday, Nov. 21, 11am-noon
Atlantis Block of the Month - Saturday, December 5, 10am-2pm

December Class Schedule:

Free Motion Quilting - Wed., Dec 2, 10am-12:30pm
Autumn House BOM - Thurs., Dec. 3, 5-7pm
Hand Quilting - Thurs., Dec. 3, 5-7pm (same time as Autumn House)
Atlantis Block of the Month - Sat., Dec. 5, 10am-2pm
Stash Pot Pie - Thurs., Dec 10, 4pm-8pm
Tablerunner of the Month - Thursday, December 17, 4-8pm
Cobblestone Lane - Saturday, Dec. 19, 10-11am
Sweet Pickin’s Club - Sat., Dec. 19, 11am-noon


Remember, if your name is mentioned in the newsletter, no matter how inappropriately, you get a free fat quarter next time you are in the shop!


WE WILL BE CLOSED FOR REMODELING ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 7 and will be open for business again on Tuesday, December 8 (even if we are still moving things. We are getting new carpet! Be sure to come by to see our fancy new look, Pam Moss.

Then, on SATURDAY, December 12, we will have our annual open house, with a FAT QUARTER FRENZY and all fabrics (except flannel and sale fabrics) on the bolt for a 20% discount! One day only. Fat quarters will be $1.25 each. If you buy 25 or more, they will be $1.00 each.




Free Motion Quilting - Don’t be afraid! Once you learn how to do this, you will be amazed at how those quilt tops get done! It’s all in practice, practice, practice. You are not allowed to criticize your stitches (I will be happy to do that for you!) But there are some requirements for this class: You need to have a sewing machine that you know how to operate and has the capability of lowering the feed dogs and you need to know how to lower them. You need to have a “Free Motion Foot” that fits your machine and is specifically made for free motion. If you don’t have one, get one from either P & D Sewing in Grand Rapids or Viking Village in Hibbing or Virginia. You have to be able to tell them your model and make of sewing machine for them to give you the right one. Call them first and ask them if they have one for your machine and if not, can they order it for you. Other supplies you need (which are available here at the shop if you don’t have them) are quilting gloves (I prefer the “Machingers” brand), Schmetz Quilting Needles, size 75/11 or 90/14 depending on your thread size, 40 or 50 weight cotton thread AND something to quilt. I would suggest you either make a few quilt “sandwiches” with fat quarters and batting and also bring something that you want to quilt (and can live with the fact that it won’t be perfect.) We do not use safety pins for basting - either 505 spray or hand basting. Only 505 spray please, because the cheaper brands tend to gunk up your machine. Class fee $15.00

That being said, Karen Skraba, for Hand Quilting, I will supply the needle, you will need a thimble and your choice of thread. You do not need a practice “sandwich”, just a quilt that you want to work on. Class fee $15.00
TABLERUNNER OF THE MONTH: You don’t want to miss the last two classes - November is the darling Santa Runner and December is the Snowman! They are both done (believe it or not) and kitted, or you can use your own fabrics. Class fee $5.00

COBBLESTONE LANE - The sample is here - the blocks are kitted and the price will be $10.00 per month. We will try to have the finishing kits ready if you want to get yours this month.

SWEET PICKIN’S CLUB - Cute stuff this month - come and see! If you want to join Sweet Pickin’s, Susie Cencich, and have not, there is still room for you.

ATLANTIS will meet on Saturday, December 5, 10am-2pm for the November class due to Thanksgiving. We can decide then when to meet for December. December will be block 11 of 12! I need to know if you are doing the fancy border or the plain border by December 5, so we can kit it up for you!

STASH POT PIE - If you remember last December, Karl and Kristine made us a WONDERFUL Chicken Pot Pie and the best Chocolate Cake EVER, and they are going to do it again this December. So if you are not signed up, there are still a few spots. Call me!!!!!

January we will start a new Wool Club - raw edge hand applique (or machine if you prefer) of wool on flannel. It will be a block of the month, Doris Kerzie, every 3rd Thursday of the month starting January 21st, 5pm to 8pm. You can stay and we’ll hand sew (you will not need your machine) or you may pick up your pattern and fabrics and take them home. More information to follow, Lois Mehle……..

If you have a deer hunter in your life, you know that rifle season is coming to a close. But of course, there is always bow season and something called “muzzle loader” season - WHAT EVER. All I know is that Quilt Season is open year round for me, Lue Strom. (Except summer. I read in summer.) I have some questions about the men in your life that I would like to quiz you on.
1. Have you ever found a machete in your umbrella stand?

2. How many pairs of boots does a man need?

3. Why do men never throw anything away?

4. Why do men and boys like to wrestle?

5. Why do men notice that rolls of toilet paper in the store have gotten
Narrower but they don’t notice when the roll is empty at home?

If you know the answer to any of these questions, please let me know.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

October Class Schedule

Quilt Shop of Chisholm

October Class Schedule

Thursday, October 8 - Stash Pot Pie, 4 or 5 til 8pm

Thursday, October 15 - Table Runner of the Month, 4-8pm

Saturday, October 17 - Cobblestone Lane BOM, 10-11am

Saturday, October 17 - Sweet Pickins’ Club, 11am-noon

Thursday, October 22 - Atlantis BOM, 10am-2pm

Saturday, October 24 - Atlantis BOM, 10am-2pm


Thursday, October 22, 5:30-8:00 pm, Jackie Shuster will be teaching a table runner class using her Simply Charming table runner pattern. We have samples made up and kits available, so sign up. Class fee $15.00. Kits include fabrics and pattern and are $23.00.


Karen Skraba will be teaching our beginner class this fall (Teresa Smith is in the process of building a home and moving). We are very lucky to have Karen teaching - her background is in teaching and her present job is on the “psych ward” at a local hospital, so she is perfect for the job! She will be teaching you cutting, piecing and quilting techniques on a lap size quilt (52” x 68”) in four evenings. Beginning October 13, Tuesday nights 5:30-8:00, October 20, 27 and November 10. Fee of $60 covers all 4 classes, supply list available at the store.

September Newsletter

Class Schedule:

Autumn House Block of the Month - Thursday, September 3, 5-8pm

Stash Pot Pie - Thursday, September 10, 4-8pm

Winner’s Bouquet Class - Saturday, September 12, 10am-2pm

Tablerunner of the Month - Thursday, September 17, 5pm-8pm

Cobblestone Lane Block of the Month - Saturday, September 19, 10-11am

Sweet Pickins Club - Saturday, September 19, 11am-12noon

Atlantis Block of the Month - Thurs., Sept. 24 OR Sat., Sept 26, 10am-2pm

Batik Mystery Block of the Month - Pick up at your convenience.


Remember, if your name is mentioned in this newsletter, no matter how inappropriately, you will receive a free fat quarter! (You have to come in and tell me, unless you want a virtual fat quarter emailed to you.)


QUILT CAMP!!!!!! Quilt Camp at Camp Chicagami October 8-11. 3 night/4 day is $160 and 2 night/3 day is $125. We have a few openings left Linda Mortenson. I need a $50 non refundable deposit by 15 September! Those of you on the list will receive a special mailing with more details. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!

Well, September has arrived! The school busses will be humming in town here and all children will be off the streets, out of our houses, out of our kitchens with their heads stuck in the refrigerator, and will have to wait until after 3pm to ask us the dreaded daily question: What’s for dinner? I would like to go JUST ONE DAY without being asked that question. For approximately 22 years I have been asked that question EVERY STINKIN’ DAY, and it looks like I have another 9 years to go. Yes, Austin just had his 9th birthday. I looked in on him sleeping the other night and brushed his hair with my hand and felt a lump on the side of his head. I started to panic until I felt one on the other side of his brow, too, and realized it was just his Cro-magnon Iron Ranger brow growing in.

With my daughter Charlotte at school in Minneapolis now, we have 3 down, 1 to go, unless of course……….SOMEONE COMES BACK. A few years ago I had a Grown Child Stress Quiz that maybe did not apply to some of you then, but it does now. Here goes:

1. If you have a grown child living at home, give yourself 1 point.

2. If it’s a male over the age of twenty three, give yourself 5 points.

3. If your GC (grown shild) is living in the basement, give yourself

Another 5 points.

4. If he calls you “Mommy”, give yourself 10 points.

5. If your GC is not employed, give yourself 10 points & a big shot of

Jack Daniels

6. If you have teenagers living at home (they pretty much have to, by

Law) in addition to the GC, give yourself 10 more points.

Now let’s tally up the points:

1-5 points - It’s already bad - you have a grown child at home.

6-10 points - It’s not looking good - you won’t be getting your quilting room

Back anytime soon.

11-19 points - You have permission, Sharon Wrobel, to cry and throw things (other than His/her laundry in the washer) whenever you wish.

20 points + - God Bless You. You get a 10% discount at the Quilt Shop of

Chisholm in the month of September if you tell me you have

20 points or over when you come in. Don’t tell me anything else

- no details, please. Otherwise we’ll both get stressed and

Upset and we come to the quilt shop to get away from that

(and drink coffee and eat chocolate).


STASH POT PIE begins our new year September 3, and will continue to be the 2nd Thursday each month. I’m SO EXCITED because this year I get to choose the scrappy patterns instead of following the program we did last year. You are at my mercy! Let’s face it, it couldn’t be any worse that the program last year. I won’t be telling you to cut 467 1 ½” squares with a Tri Rex ruler…..Or will I???!! You are safe for the first few months - but if I hear any complaints or whining, it’ll be back to tiny Dear Jane blocks with templates. Ha! $5.00 class fee

Winner’s Bouquet - if you have seen the beautiful quilt on display in the shop, then you know how popular this class is going to be, Merle Dosen. The class that begins on September 12 will be taught by Doris Smith and will consist of cutting out your fabrics using the rotary templates provided in the pattern. You will NOT need your machine for the first class. You will decide as a group when to meet for the 2nd class. Pattern cost is $30.00, class fee $15.00 for the 1st class and $10 for each class after that.

Tablerunner of the Month - Ok, you guys. Summer is over, Carol Haverkamp. It’s time to get down to business. Every 3rd Thursday. Is that so hard to remember? If you haven’t seen the vegetables we did in July or the apples we did in August, you should BE ASHAMED. Ha! Of course I have kits made up if you want to make it like the sample. This month we will be doing the pumpkin/jack-o-lantern, which is REALLY cute, so don’t miss it! $5 class fee

Cobblestone Lane Block of the Month - This block of the month will be the 3rd Saturday of the month - this is our Moda University replacement this year. At the September meeting we will receive the pattern, and talk about the quilt, because the fabrics (Astor Manor by 3 Sisters for Moda) are not available until October. The cost of the block of the month program will be minimal each month ($5-$8) except for the first month - the pattern is $30 - and at some time during the year you will need to get your finishing fabrics and alternate block background and sashing fabrics. The quilt will finish 78” x 100”. If you want to choose your own fabrics and still do the block of the month with us, then I will help you choose them. Sherri K Falls, who designed the pattern, will be sending the completed quilt to the shop so we can see exactly what we are making. I would LOVE to tell you when in September, but I can’t remember. It will be a SURPRISE when it gets here, which pretty much sums up all events in my life.

SWEET PICKIN’S will follow the Cobblestone Lane class every month - it will also be the 3rd Saturday of the month from 11am-noon. Sweet Pickin’s is a new club that is going to meet also on the 3rd Saturday of the month right after Cobblestone Lane. So you can come to one, the other or BOTH, Karen Ecker! Sweet Pickin’s Club does not make a quilt. Each month you will receive a newsletter, an exclusive pattern that will not be sold in stores, but will be for members only (such as bags, table runners or wall hangings) and an “extra”. The “extra” is a small project or challenge like a pincushion, Christmas ornament, etc. The newsletters have recipes, sewing tips and info on tools/gadgets that work well for quilting. Members receive a web address and password for the club blog which will post projects that other clubs do and will post pictures from US and our finished projects! I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a haircut and losing weight if I’m going to be on a blog. (I barely know what a blog is.) The losing weight part will be hard, since we will be serving refreshments each month. The membership dues for the whole year are $36.00 per person. This will cover club costs and printing charges. And, of course, each month I will JUST HAPPEN to have kits of the projects for sale.

Batik Mystery Block of the Month - This is a B.O.M. that can be joined at any time. If you subscribe to McCall’s Quilting Magazine, there is a 6-issue series for a Mystery Quilt called “Make It Your Way!” that started in the June, 2009 issue. If you want to participate, Judy Towle, and do not have the magazines, then I have a limited number of the past issues. We are making it from batiks and once you come in and pick out your fabrics, then I cut them, put them in back, and dole them out to you monthly (approximately 2 yds per month) to do that month’s mystery blocks. How simple and inexpensive is that? AND it makes a huge (90” x 102”) quilt.

If you have emailed me and I have not responded, it is because my email is different - it is now qsochisholm1001@qwestoffice.net. It’s not because I only check my email once a week or because I don’t care.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm not sure I completely understand this blog thing, but I know I'll be able to post my shop newsletter and pictures. I'll also be able to have a "Cast of Characters" (with photos) of people working in the shop. No one is safe! Comb your hair! Put on your Spanks! I can already tell I'm going to be power tripping over this. News about the shop and blackmail all in one easy package! Watch for more..........Mary