Monday, March 25, 2013


Quilt Shop of Chisholm
331 6th Ave SW
Chisholm, MN  55719


Hours:  Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm

Classes for Stash Pot Pie I and II are winding down for the year.  We will meet in April and May, at which point I will give you your terrifying summer mission, whether you choose to accept it or not is up to you! 

Mill Girls Block of the Month - All the blocks are ready.  March is month 7, April month 8, May month 9 and June month 10, but you may pick them up whenever you wish.  I also have the gorgeous wideback made especially for this quilt if you would like to purchase it. 

Women of Courage Block of the Month - Blocks 1 - 8 are ready, blocks 9 - 12 will be ready by the 2nd Saturday of April.  I'm going to get a 108" wideback for this quilt also.  Should have that in April, also. 

The Needlers (hand embroidery club) will continue to meet through the summer on the 2nd Friday of the month 10am-noon,  and if you need any additional help, let me know.  Not that I will be able to help you, but I can sure call Doris Smith in a hurry!!!!!!!  Doris would like you to bring in any heirloom-type embroidered pillows or dresses or whatever you may have to share next time you meet.


Spring is here!!!!!!!!  So is the snow!!!!!!!  It will go away eventually!!!!!!!!


The statewide shop hop (Quilt Minnesota) is in August 2nd - 18th, 2013, and the fabric is State Parks of Minnesota.  It looks very pretty on the computer (go to but I can't WAIT to see it in PERSON!  It is supposed to be delivered in May.  We are back in the Upper Northeast Section again this year (yeah!) and are cooking up some wonderful incentives for those who complete the section.  To see what those incentives are, you will have to visit Quilt Shop of Chisholm in person or on Facebook.  Yes, it's true.  The shop is on Facebook.  Starting tomorrow, I hereby promise to update the facebook page every day.  I will actually do this, because I can control it from my phone.  But not today, because I left my cell phone at home.  Boy, do I have excuses, or what?


(That was for those of you who just scan the blog to make sure I don't have an incriminating picture of you posted and didn't read the above paragraph.)


Remember:  Check out FACEBOOK tomorrow!     Mary