Monday, December 17, 2012

January Class Schedule

Quilt Shop of Chisholm
331 6th Ave SW
Chisholm, MN 55719

“Half way between the Iron Man and the water tower!”

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm
Open late for classes on Thursdays

January Class Schedule:
Stash Pot Pie II - January 3
Stash Pot Pie I - January 10
The Needlers - Friday, January 11, 10am-noon
Women of Courage Block of the Month - Saturday, Jan. 19, 10am-noon
The Mill Girls Block of the Month - Saturday, Jan. 19, noon-2pm
Freedom Rings Block of the Month - Saturday, Jan. 26, 10am-2pm


The Needlers club will meet January 11, 10am. If you have not signed up for the class, please do so if you want to learn how to do all those hand embroidered stitches that Doris Smith will teach you. The first project is the wool envelope to keep all your stitching supplies in. Cost of kit: $35.00. Since this is a club, instead of a class, Doris has decided not to charge a class fee.

Women of Courage - We are done with the blocks and January starts you on the setting squares! How about that???

Mill Girls - I have been promised that FINALLY the fabrics for blocks 3-6 will be arriving the first week in January, so by January 19 you will be able to pick up November, December and/or January!! Sorry about the delay.

Freedom Rings is the NEW block of the month starting January and going through July. This block of the month is the one with the triangle papers to make the perfect half square triangles if you’ve seen it in the shop. Also the one with the eagle and star sashing. The blocks are beautiful! $30/month for 7 months.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Address:  331 6th Ave SW, Chisholm, MN  55719
Phone:      218-254-1700

(and, incidently, January Newsletter)

This is the sixth December I have been in business and every one of those Decembers I -- PANIC! -- (just ask Bev). I panic because everyone is busy with Christmas preparations and if they are making Christmas presents, they have already bought their fabrics for those presents. It’s kind of like when you are a little child and all the preparations are made for your birthday party and you’re staring out the window waiting for your guests arrive and all of a sudden you have a terrifying thought: WHAT IF NOBODY SHOWS UP? So every December I go through this. (It always turns out okay, but this year I’m closed December 22-January 1 to go to South Carolina for Christmas, so I’m in HIGH PANIC MODE because I want to order new fabric for 2013. So, this year I’ve decided to have a December Panic Sale. Details:

For the general public, the sale is December 10th-15th, Monday through Saturday, one week only. For those of you who get the newsletter, this sale starts right now and goes through Dec. 15!!!

25% off all fabrics!!! (one yd cut min.)

25% off all kits!!! (does not include BOM kits)


Buy 20 or more fat quarters and get them for $1.50 each, instead of $2.75 or $3.00!!!

You cannot afford to miss this sale!

Punch cards will be punched, but save your full cards for 2013, they cannot be redeemed during this sale!!!!!!!!!!

JANUARY NEWSLETTER   We moved to our current location, 331 6th Ave SW in October, for those of you who haven't been by to see us.  Then on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the building next to the OLD location of the quilt shop burned.  We would have lost all our fabric to smoke damage and water damage - so we are really blessed.  But being next door to a liquor store is VERY interesting.  Just now, while I was hiding in my office doing the newsletter, a man walked in with his six pack of beer and wanted to know what a quilt shop was and who owned it and what we did here.  So, of course, Barb had to drag me out from the back to answer his questions.  If we see a man approaching, we will fight to the death to get to the back room first so we don't have to talk to him.  Invariably, men who don't quilt or have wives or girlfriends who quilt will want to custom order a king size quilt with "fish" or "deer" on it and pay about $25-$50 for it.  My favorite part is telling them that a king size quilt custom made would be about $1000 minimum.  I should get my camera out before I tell them and snap their picture as I tell them.  I would gladly custom make a quilt for $1000 minimum but I don't think there's enough money in the world to make me put "fish" on it.  That is my personal opinion (the fish) just like you will never see me making a Sunbonnet Sue quilt (there is something evil under that bonnet, I just know it) or a quilt that has trapunto (I don't even like people to SAY trapunto.)   Anyway, we are very happy at our new shop and January classes are:   Thursday, January 3, Stash Pot Pie II Thursday, January 10, Original Stash Pot Pie Friday, January 11, Needlers Club (hand embroidery) Saturday, January 19th - Mill Girls BOM and Women of Courage BOM.   Remember, we have NEW HOURS now:  Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm except when there are classes on Thursday nights.    Mary      

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November News

331 6TH AVE SW

NEW HOURS:  Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Open later for scheduled classes.


We have relocated to 331 6th Ave SW in Chisholm.  We are halfway between the Iron Man and the water tower right next to Central Liquor and two doors away from Iron Kettle.  Easy to find, easy to park!!!!!!  We are very happy with our "new digs".  Below are some pictures if you haven't had a chance to drop by and see the new shop.  The main word people use when they see it is "cozy"  and "light and bright". 

Stars of the North Quilt, Old Savannah Quilt and Granny Squares Quilt

A view from the front entrance
 A view from the front register
 Notions, books and patterns with a "shrine" to Edita Sitar's quilts
 The Cozy Flannel Corner
 Behind the cash register
Village Square Quilt and Homespun Hill Quilt
 Amish With a Twist
 Bon Voyage Quilt
 Berkshire Flannel Throw

So now that you have had the grand tour, come in and see all the great new samples we are finishing up.  We're still the same shop, just "cozier"!!!!!


Stash Pot Pie II - Thursday, November 1, 5-8pm
Stash Pot Pie I  - Thursday, November 8, 5-8pm
Generals Wives - Saturday, November 10, 10am-noon
Women of Courage - Saturday, November 17, 10am-noon
Mill Girls - Saturday, November 17, 12pm-2pm


I have some really cute last minute holiday stuff for teacher gifts that you can whip up in no time flat!  There is a pretty Braided Diamond Table runner in fall colors that would be perfect for Thanksgiving and I'm working on a Christmas version now.  The 10-minute table runner is always a hit!  Let me help you pick out some fabrics for the people on your list.  And we have kits for cute kid's throw quilts featuring pink cats and blue puppies!!!  Very fast and easy. 

THE NEEDLERS' CLUB - Doris Smith is going to teach a hand embroidery class starting in January on Friday mornings.  The first project will be Crab-apple Hill pattern "Embroidery Envelope" made from wool.  Complete Kits will be available for the class.  This is a class where you will learn the intricate embroidery stitches that make heirlooms and have fun with other women at the same time.  Doris is a wonderful teacher.  She won't slap you or anything if you make a mistake.  At least not hard.  Ha!  She's the best hand embroiderer I know and a very patient teacher.  The second project will be another Crab-apple Hill pattern called "Winter Sampler".  The hand embroidery will be done in class and if you wish to complete the wall hanging on the pattern we can easily help you do so, but the kit will include your pattern, threads and fabric for the center of quilt embroidery square.  Go to to see these patterns and all the other wonderful patterns they have.  I would imagine that the third project will be chosen by the class and how many times a month you will meet will be decided at the first meeting.  The first meeting will be Friday, January 11, 2013 at 10am.  The cost of the class is $10.00 and the cost of the kit for the embroidery envelope (which will include wools, floss, pattern and beads will be around $35.00.   Call me to sign up, since I have a feeling this will be very popular! 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September-October Newsletter

Quilt Shop of Chisholm
                                                                    116 W Lake St
                                                                Chisholm, MN 55719

Class Schedule:

Stash Pot Pie II - Thursday, Sept. 6, Oct. 4, 5pm-8pm
Stash Pot Pie I - Thursday, Sept. 13, Oct. 11, 5pm-8pm
Generals’ Wives - Saturday, Sept. 8, Oct. 13, 10am-12pm
Women of Courage - Saturday, Sept. 15, Oct. 20, 10am-12pm
Mill Girls - Saturday, Sept. 15, Oct. 20, 12pm-2pm
Amish With a Twist - Thursday, Sept. 20, Oct. 18, 6pm-7pm
Marti & Me Club - Saturday, Sept. 22, Oct. 27, 10am-12pm



OCTOBER 4, 5, AND 6, 2012

7 great shops (Quilt Shop of Chisholm, Quilts Around the Corner, Terri’s Treasures, Timeless Treasures, Sew Much & More, Elaine’s Corner and Quilted Dog).

Visit all 7 shops, get your passport stamped at each shop, check out the featured pattern and have a chance to win one of seven baskets worth over $100.00 each, filled with quilting goodies!

THE BUS will operate on Saturday, October 6, and take you to all seven shops. Quilt Shop of Chisholm and Quilts Around the Corner in Hibbing are sharing a bus. Sign up with either me or Kathy to reserve your spot on the bus. Cost will be $35.00. Bus will stop for lunch ($10.00) or you may bring your sack lunch with you, whichever you prefer. Such a deal! All this and you get:

                                                                    CAROL LEE

As your “bus mom”. What more could you ask for? Rumor has it she will be offering her steel brush pedicures again on the bus, but I’m not worried about it. Of course, I won’t be on the bus. Wear shoes that lace and double knot them is my advice. The bus will leave from the Hibbing shop at 8:00 am (you will need to be there at 7:30) and return you to Hibbing before 8pm as usual. We will have snacks at each shop, but we realize that you just want to get home when you get back and will not be serving dinner.


Stash Pot Pie I and II - when you come to class in September, you will need to bring with you 90 (ninety) 1 ½” x 5 ½” strips of “darks” and 90 (yes, ninety) 1 ½” x 5 ½” strips of lights. We are making a small project this month that is a secret (you better not squeal, Nancy). Your interpretation of lights and darks will determine how you use your stash and scraps to make this kitchen project (hint). You must also bring your COMPLETED summer project if you want to hang with us. Ha! Just messing with you. I just liked seeing some of your faces when I showed you the pattern for the summer project. I wish I could see your faces when you read about the 180 strips you have to cut for class.

Generals’ Wives - Months 9 and 10, and I have months 11 and 12 ready if you want to leap ahead!!!

Women of Courage is a new 12 month block of the month that we have just started. There is room for two more people to join this block of the month, and it is a beauty. The stories are interesting to read about each woman of courage that comes with your monthly block. Month 2 has a story about Sojourner Truth that will give you goose bumps when you read what she said at the 1851 Ohio Women’s Rights Convention. $25.00 per month. (That’s not what Sojourner Truth said. Ha!)

Mill Girls is starting in September and will be a 10 month block of the month that will finish in May. The fabrics are by Judy Rothermel (she designs all the Old Sturbridge Village fabrics for Marcus Bros.) and the pattern is by Nancy Rink, which means it’s beautiful fabric & the pattern is easy to follow. The Mill Girls block of the month gives you a glimpse into the life of girls (ages 15-25) who left the farm to work in the New England cotton mills between 1830-1850. It’s a surprising story that documents their way of life and each month your block will include excerpts from a letter written home by a mill girl. But even if you don’t read the stories, each month you will get the gorgeous fabrics and pattern to make the beautiful quilt!!!!!! Ten months, $30.00 per month.

Amish With a Twist - September and October will be months 4 and 5! And you are finished! Kits are available for the entire quilt, also.

Marti & Me Club - September we have a cute bag from wine fabrics using the Marti Michell templates and October is a darling project using the Dresden plate template.


Finally, Quilt Shop of Chisholm is relocating in town here to the building that was formerly “Rolling Thunder”. It’s on the frontage road by Iron Kettle right next to Central Liquor Store. Not that that had anything to do with why we’re moving. Ha! There will still be plenty of room for classes and we’ll still have room to shop without being crowded, you just won’t be able to go out for a 40 yard pass in the new building like you can in this building! We will be moving Sunday, October 14, and open for business at the new location on Monday, October 15!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Quilt Shop of Chisholm

July/August Newsletter

Class Schedule:

During the summer months, Stash Pot Pie I and II do not meet, but will be back with a vengence in September.

Generals’ Wives - (the 2nd Saturday) July 14 and August 11, 10am-Noon

Marti and Me Club - (4th Wed. or 4th Sat.) 10am-noon. Saturday June 23, July 28 and August 25th; Wednesday June 27, July 25 and August 22.


Amish with a Twist Block of the Month - (the 3rd Thursday) 6pm-7pm, Thursday June 21st, July 19th and August 16.


Women of Courage Block of the Month - (the 3rd Saturday) 10am-Noon, July 21 and August 18.


Here is a picture of our sample of “Amish with a Twist” (I‘ve been referring to it as “Fifty Shades of Amish.”) Jennifer and I (mostly Jennifer) made the sample, and I think it is the most striking and enchanting quilt I’ve ever seen. The block of the month will be June - October (that’s 5 months for those of you who didn’t go to Duluth East high school like Bev did), and will be $30.00 per month. Or I will have kits ready for the entire quilt top and binding for $150.00. The quilt is very fun to make using all the bright colors.

Women of Courage block of the month is a beautiful quilt made from gorgeous Windham fabrics with a border print that pulls it all together. I’ve been so busy “petting” the fabric that I haven’t made the sample quilt yet. Here is a picture of the quilt from the poster the fabric company sent to me.

Here is a picture of the border print:

Marti and Me Club meets on the 4th Wednesday and the 4th Saturday of each month. Laura Lignell does a great job in demonstrating a different ruler and/or templates by Marti Michell. You can make a project as small or as big as you like with the patterns given to club members, all for a mere cost of $5.00 per month club fee. This month the sample is a darling little 12” wall hanging called “Cabana Houses”.

Speaking of cabanas, summer has officially arrived and I have not posted the SUMMER DRESS CODE. June 15, 2006, was when I opened Quilt Shop of Chisholm, and the following summer I devised the Summer Dress Code, which still applies, so let me review: You may not wear shorts into the shop unless your legs are pastey white. The only exception to this rule is if you have a “sock line”. Tube tops are prohibited, as are any strapless top. (If you jump up and down with excitement in the shop, we just don’t want to deal with the strapless results. Unfortunately, there are children in the shop sometimes, so it’s only decent that we ban tube tops.) And finally, if your hair looks better than mine, you may only stay a maximum of 10 minutes, make your purchase and leave. Certainly no hanging around for coffee, and if you’r here for a class, I will quietly refund your class fee. I will be the final judge of whether your hair looks better than mine or not.

That last part may have to be revised since a year ago I whacked off my hair in a menopausal, psycho rage, so it is very hard for anyone’s hair to look worse that mine. Mine is growing out, though, so we’ll only suspend that part of the code for this summer. And of course the shorts and tube top rules still apply. Ha!!

Quilt Minnesota, the state-wide shop hop is starting August 3. Remember, you may buy the fabrics, but you can’t take them with you until then, or we can mail them. Same goes with the kits we have made up. We’ve made some nice samples, so come and see them!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Warm Fuzzy Snowman Quilt - This is wool applique and embroidery and is available in kits with all fabrics, threads, and pattern. 
This is a quilt that combines applique with piecing.  VERY fun to make.  Kits available.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January - February Classes

Quilt Shop of Chisholm

116 W Lake St

Chisholm, MN 55719



January Class Schedule:

Thursday, Jan. 5, 4pm-8pm - Stash Pot Pie II

Thursday, Jan. 12, 4pm-8pm - Stash Pot Pie I

Saturday, Jan. 14, 10am-11am- Generals’ Wives Block of the Month*

Wednesday, Jan 18, 2pm-6pm - Farmer’s Wife

Thursday, Jan. 19, 6pm-8pm - Wool Candle Mat of the Month*

Saturday, January 21, 10-11am - Tonga Rhapsody BOM #11

February Class Schedule:

Thursday, Feb. 2, 4pm-8pm - Stash Pot Pie II

Thursday, Feb. 9, 4pm-8pm - Stash Pot Pie I

Saturday, Feb. 11, 10am-11am- Generals’ Wives Block of the Month

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2pm-6pm - Farmer’s Wife

Thursday, Feb. 16, 6pm-8pm - Wool Candle Mat of the Month

Saturday, Feb. 18, 10-11am - Tonga Rhapsody BOM #12

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 10am-12noon - From Marti and Me Club*

Saturday, Feb. 25, 10am-12noon - From Marti and Me Club*

* Generals’ Wives B.O.M., Wool Candle Mat of the month, and Marti and Me Club are all starting this month. All have openings available. Go to to see pictures!



The 6th Annual Starts of the North Shop Hop will be March 1-3, 2012. Visit all eight shops, get your passport stamped at each shop, pick up your free pattern section and be eligible for top prizes. There will be EIGHT baskets worth over $100 each, filled with quilting goodies! Saturday, March 3 is BUS DAY and for the measly sum of $35.00, you can enjoy being chauffeured from shop to shop in luxury, will Carol Lee as you hostess. She will give you a foot massage and a pedicure between shops - no charge. JUST KIDDING, CAROL! Call me to sign up for the bus!

We have some great new blocks of the month and clubs starting this month. It’s not too late to come in and check them out (or look on the blog) and join up.

Stash Pot Pie I - you guys met when I was in South Carolina last month, and I did not leave you a new pattern for this month. So we will be continuing to work on last month’s quilt (or the one before.)

Stash Pot Pie II - Certain Stash Pot Pie II Members have decided they want to “buck the system” (what a surprise) and work on the 3-part mystery quilt that starts in the Jan-Feb issue of McCalls Quilting Magazine. If you are a member of Stash Pot Pie II and are interested in doing this, we will help you decide on fabrics from your stash OR !!!!NEW!!!! Fabrics. It only requires four different fabrics. You can do this in place of our scheduled pattern, “Pocket Full of Posies” on page 87 of the scrap quilts magazine you all have. Don’t lose that magazine, I don’t have any more!!!!!!! Or, you can do both. Or neither. Just come to class!!!!

Generals’ Wives Block of the Month is a beautiful 100” x 100” quilt that honors the wives of the Civil War generals. Each month you receive the fabric and instructions for a block and a biographical story about one of the wives of the generals. Throughout the year you will receive bits and pieces of the setting blocks, so when you finish up the year, you will have everything ready to put together and it will be done! Check out a picture of the quilt on the blog.

Wool Candle Mat of the month - “A Crow for all Seasons” is the name of the series of patterns that not only have darling candle mat designs for each month, but a Crow you can make from wool and “dress” each month (hats, scarves, flags, nosegays, etc.). No, I have not lost my mind. Jackie has made the sample for January and people are signing up as soon as they see it! I still have the class open, so if you sign up too late to get started in January, you can catch up. You do NOT have to make the crow. But the first month you get a pattern for the crow (whether you want it or not) and the wool to make the crow. And you will find yourself getting attached to the crow. Jackie volunteered to make it “because it’s part of the pattern and someone may want to make it” and got so attached to the crow that she was reportedly talking to it. She and Bev took it to Lowes to buy a dowel and wooden stand for it and Bev said she asked the crow, “How did you enjoy your trip to Lowes?” Bev called me and simply said, “there’s an issue with the crow.” My 20 year old daughter, who hates everything in the shop(!!), saw the crow and said, “I want one of these! Will you make me one?” The price of the candle mat of the month is $26.00 and includes the pattern and wool for the background, applique and backing. If you want to make two, the second kit of the wool only is $18.00.

From Marti and Me Club is a monthly club that is going to meet every 4th Wednesday or every 4th Saturday of the month. Each month, starting in February, you will have a demonstration of a Tool of the Month by none other that LAURA LIGNELL, the master of combining teaching and entertainment. I like to call her a “teachertainer”. That sounds better than calling her an “entereacher”. For the small fee of $5.00 per month, you become a From Marti and Me Club member, which entitles you to attend the monthly meeting (you pick which works better for you, Wednesday mornings or Saturdays), watch a fascinating demonstration of the Tool of the Month and get the pattern FREE that she is demonstrating. In addition, as a club member you will get a 10% discount if you buy the tool she is demonstrating. If you like the project and want a kit of it, you will also have the opportunity to buy the kit at a 10% discount! Kits will be available after the club, but only CLUB MEMBERS will get the free pattern and club discounts. The February project is called “Bali Breezes” and will be showcased in two color ways. Sign up as soon as possible!!!! Call within the next ten minutes and get a free steak knife…………..oops - I got carried away.

Next month we will have another episode of “Murder in the Quilt Shop of Chisholm”, but for now I just wanted to get the newsletter and class schedule out!