Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 2010 Newsletter

Class Schedules:

Saturday, Jan. 9, 10am-11am -- Civil War Tribute Block of the Month
Thursday, Jan 14, 4 or 5 - 8pm --Stash Pot Pie
Saturday, Jan 16, 10-11am--Cobblestone Lane Block of the Month
Saturday, Jan. 16, 11am-noon --Sweet Pickins Club
Tuesday, Jan. 19, 5-8pm --Continuing Education (the creation of Quiltzilla)
Thursday, Jan. 21, 6-8pm--Wool Applique Block of the Month
Tuesday, Jan. 26, 5-8pm--Second class of Continuing Education
Wednesday, Jan 27, 3-6pm--Mexican Star wallhanging
Thursday, Jan. 28, 10am-2pm--Atlantis Block of the Month #11
Saturday, Jan. 30, 10am-2pm--Atlantis Block of the Month #11

Class descriptions will follow.  Remember, if your name appears in the newsletter, no matter how inappropriately, you will receive a free fat quarter!************************************

Things that were overheard in the quilt shop in 2009:

  • Mary Jo telling the customer next to her as she was reaching for a bolt of fabric:  "I HATE this place."
  • "Barb did it" or "Barb didn't do it", whichever works.
  • Terese D. telling me "Go to H***, Mary" when I told her I "just happened" to have kits available for a quilt she was admiring.
  • Tammy J. telling me (after I drew ink pen lines on the RIGHT side of her fabric while showing her how to make continuous bias binding) "You are for all purposes dead to me now."
  • "We are having a Shameless Promotion today......"
  • "I'm just here to get my fix and pet the fabric."
  • "When I finished that last quilt with all the triangles, I spent a full day in the corner of my bedroom, rocking back and forth in the fetal position, sucking my thumb"
  • "The Elusive Jennifer....."
  • Tammi C. (nicknamed Flannel Tammi) asking me:  "Why are all the flannels on display?  Why are they up front?  Put them in the back so no one will buy them."
  • Linda C. telling Bev:  "I have NO friends."
  • "Organize ME, will you?"
  • Laura L., after completing a row of blocks named "Peanut Butter and Jelly" for the shop hop quilt:  "Peanut butter and jelly, my A**!!"
  • Barb telling customers "Come back tomorrow when Mary's not here and we'll be having a big sale with friends and family discount."
  • Doris S.:  "Is it coffee time?"
  • Bev saying "Barb and I are going to open up a quilt shop in Kitzville and be your worst nightmare."
  • "I found another bolt of flannel that Flannel Tammi must have hidden back here."

Inventory is done and we are ready for the new year.  I would like to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to all the women who help me with this shop - whether it's by working here, doing binding, making samples, helping with inventory, letting me "steal" your quilts for samples, and hang them in the shop, or just by being good customers.  A "good customer" is one who comes by to visit, asks for our opinion on a project, gives us her opinion on our works in progress and makes suggestions.  (It doesn't hurt if she also spends a lot of money.  Ha!).

The Civil War B.O.M. will be the 2nd Saturday each month for 12 months and the fabrics are GORGEOUS!  The cost will be $24.00 per month for the fabrics and pattern.  We are in the process of making the sample,  Amy Rice, so come in and ask to see the blocks.  The size of the quilt is like 100" x 108". 

Cobblestone Lane B.O.M. will be block number 3 out of 6 (remember, since we are making 2 blocks per month, and there are only 12 blocks, we'll be done in April!).  There are still a few of you who need to pick up your finishing kits.  Don't worry!  They are safely stored in the back, Lue Strom. 

Sweet Pickins - At the last meeting in December, the challenge was to make an ornament.  So we decided to each make an ornament (ONE ornament) and we'll have an ornament exchange at this month's meeting to keep for next Christmas!  This month's project is a Valentine Table Runner and is very cute. 

Karen Skraba will be teaching the "Continuing Education (The Creation of Quiltzilla)"  classes.  There will be five classes on Tuesday nights, Jan 19 and 26, Feb. 2, 9, and 23.  This class was requested by her beginner class as something a little more challenging to continue their education in quilting.  Be careful what you ask for!!!!!    Just kidding - it will be very easy, Karen Beil.  It's a gorgeous sampler from the book Better by the Dozen.  Come see the sampler and get your class supply list.  The class fee will be $15.00 per class.

The Mexican Star wallhanging - Laura Lignell will be teaching this class on the folding technique that looks so much like applique.  We have two beautiful samples hanging in the shop.  This class will fill up fast.  Laura wants to offer this class for no class fee, as a customer appreciation gesture.  (It's not often you get this kind of gesture from Laura, usually it's the other kind.)

The Wool Applique Block of the Month - I am so excited about this I can hardly stand it!!!!  There are already 35 people signed up for this and I can take 15 more!  We will meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month 6-8pm starting this month.  This can also be just picked up and taken home.  (In fact, I think the idea that is so appealing about this project is that it's something you can do at home while watching tv.)  The wools are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  The cost is $10.00 per month for the wool applique fabric and block pattern.  The first month you will need to purchase a yard of the flannel that is your background for the entire small quilt.  There is also another 2 yd. fabric purchase sometime during the course of the project for your sashing and borders.  We will have the sample made up as soon as I can get it cut for Jackie.  Jackie Shuster will be helping you out with your stitching if you need help (she does a fabulous job with the hand stitching).  There will also be a kit available with all the threads used in this project for hand applique for $21.00.  If you want to use your own threads or machine applique, that is fine, Carol Chadwick.

Finally:  Don't forget we have a regional shop hop coming up February 17-20.  There is a bus leaving from our shop at 8a.m. on that Saturday, the 20th.  We've had a great response to this 4th Annual Star of the North Shop Hop.  For those of you who are signed up for the bus and haven't paid - your seat is NOT reserved until you pay.  Please pay at the quilt shop of mail your payment to Chisholm Community Ed. as seating is limited!


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