Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quilt Shop of Chisholm

September 2010

Class Schedule:

****UFO Night - Thursday, Sept. 2, 4pm-8pm

****Farmer’s Wife - Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2pm-6pm

Stash Pot Pie - Thursday, Sept. 9, 5pm-8pm

Civil War Tribute Block of the Month - Saturday, Sept. 11, 10am-11am

****Aunt Grace Circle of Friends B.O.M. - Saturday, Sept. 11, 12pm-1pm

****Beginner Quilting Class - Tuesdays, 5pm-8pm, Sept 14 & 28, Oct 12 & 26

Wool Applique - Thursday, Sept. 16, 6pm-8pm

Back Home B.O.M. - Saturday, Sept. 18, 12pm-2pm

(**** denotes new classes starting in September)


If your name is mentioned in this newsletter (no matter how inappropriately)

You will receive a Free FAT QUARTER!


I put the above statement about the free fq in all my newsletters. A few months ago my sister Jenny (who is NOT a quilter and reads the newsletter on the blog) emailed me and said “I want a free fat quarter! What is it?” !!


Camp Chicagami - Fall Into Quilting - September 9-12. Thursday-Sunday $170, Friday-Sunday $160. If you have signed up with Charlotte Nelson’s group, great! If you sign up with the QSOC group, you can still participate in Charlotte’s classes if you want to, OR just work on your UFO’s. You may arrive anytime Thursday and our first meal will be on Thursday evening. We will have 2 meals each day. Day campers: Thursday or Sunday $35.00, Friday or Saturday $40.00, includes one meal.

Household tip: If you head up the stairs with windex, paper towels, and trash bags, and look down pointedly at the people you live with who are stretched out watching Nascar on Sunday afternoon, tell them you are going “upstairs to clean”, then put your nose in the air, you can get a nice long Sunday afternoon rest and no one will come upstairs to bother you. I tried this several weeks ago. I really had intentions of cleaning - and I did, for about 15 minutes. Then I saw my bed - so inviting - and someone had left the TV on, so I lay down for a few minutes to read. Unfortunately, who ever had been watching TV in my room had left the tv on the Animal Planet Channel, and this show called “The Monster In Me” was on. If you have never watched this show, DON’T DO IT! Forget “Nightmare on Elm Street” or “Silence of the Lambs” or any of those movies - this show is about parasites that invade our bodies. (Are you itching yet?) The episode that was on was about bed bugs, lung flukes and some parasite that can get in your eyes and the cure is a drug that has some chemical pool cleaner in it. I am not making this up. After I checked the sheets for telltale signs of bed bugs and determined that since I wasn’t going to eat any raw crustaceans then I wasn’t going to get lung flukes, I called my 19 year old daughter because she wears contacts. I informed her that she was NEVER to use old or dirty lenses and she needed to keep her contact cleaner somewhere where it wouldn’t get contaminated. She replied “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”. To which I replied that parasites might be invading her eyes at this very moment and she thanked me for telling her and hung up. Then I started thinking about how quilting gets a hold on us like a parasite. But it’s a GOOD parasite. It can completely take over your thought process. Your husband is talking about something that happened at work that day and you are saying the appropriate things in response like “really? Uh huh? Are you serious?” and all the time you’re thinking “if I used triangle papers and made the half square triangles 3” instead of 2”, then I would only have to make 413 of them instead of 2,687. I wonder if I have enough of the brown material for the sashing?” or “the flannel quilt in our bedroom is so old and falling apart - but do I really want to make another queen size and how am I going to afford the flannel for that size and the backing - I know, I’ll buy the fabric for the blocks first, then when I finish that I’ll get the borders. Then I’ll get the backing later. What pattern do I want to use?” And he’s continuing “blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah, so how was your day?” And you suddenly realize that he’s stopped talking and is looking at you like he’s waiting for a response. And if you’ve been married long enough, you know that he’s either asked 1. What’s for dinner or 2. Can we have a quick romp in the hay before the kids come in or 3. How was your day. This is very important that you answer correctly. He doesn’t LOOK hungry. He looks too tired for a romp in the hay. So you say “just great, honey, just great.” and he looks happy.

So, even though quilting is a parasite, I still say it’s a good parasite.

If I haven’t lost you yet with my rambling: We will be having a new class on the first Thursday of the month starting this month: UFO NIGHT! You come on the first Thursday anytime in the afternoon or when you get home from work and bring your machine and whatever you want to work on. If you need help with something or advice (we LOVE to give advice), or if you just want to work on an unfinished project. Class fee is $5. BUT, there is a catch…………….(I know, there always is, right?). Think of it as a bonus - not a catch - since I will be demonstrating a new technique to you at each class! September will be a technique used in the book “10-Minute Blocks, 3-Seam Squares for Quicker Quilts”. This class will fill up very, very fast, as there is only room for 12 people. Call the shop to sign up!

Farmer’s Wife - if you have the book and want to come to work on your blocks, or if you want to cut your fabrics, or if you want to copy template measurements out of my book, this is the class for you. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, come in and see the book.

Aunt Grace Circle of Friends Block of the Month - this is a 7 month project with a cost of $27.50 per month and includes all fabrics for top and binding. These cute 1930’s prints are just charming. Come in and see the picture and the blocks that Doris Smith has done.

Beginner Quilting class - Karen Skraba will be teaching this class. Class fee will be $60 for all 4 sessions. You will be making a 52” x 68” lap size quilt and fabrics will run about $45.00. The supply list is available at the shop. Limited to 6 students, so sign up as soon as possible!

We will be starting a new wool applique block of the month in January and I have a picture of the new project and a sign up sheet in the shop. Jackie is almost done putting together her sample of this year’s wool block of the month and you will be jumping up and down to get yours finished when you see it!!!!!!!

Sometime in September I will be starting a “Triangle Exchange” - I will have information in the shop on that and other upcoming things.

Now, before I sign off, I have to tell you about the bat that came to visit. I don’t know how he (or she) got in, but I can tell you how he or she got out. Bev and I were alone in the shop and saw the movement of flight. He flew behind the quilt on the back wall. Bev looked at me and I said, “I’m going down to the basement to get my rubber gloves.” She looked at me harder and said, “What if he comes out from behind the quilt and builds a nest in my hair? That’s what my older sisters told me when I was little.” I told her that the bat was perfectly happy behind the dark quilt and I would be right back up. I went down stairs and almost immediately hear the pitter patter of little feet (running) and SQUEALING from up above. I grabbed my gloves and as I headed up the stairs I hear Bev sobbing: “Mary, you need to get up here right now!.” I opened the door and there was Bev, cowering under the cutting table, emitting a squeal every now and then, and the bat WAS kind of making a bee line for her. When he finally landed, I picked him up with a plastic bag in my rubber glove and turned the bag inside out and took him out in the alley. So I called Bev at home the next morning and told her I was sorry that she had had such a traumatic experience at the quilt shop and that I still respected her, even though she hid under the table and squealed. Sorry, Bev, I just had to tell it.

We have darling pillow case kits for the magic pillow case made up in the shop - this would be the perfect opportunity to make a pillow case for the pillow case challenge! See Barb for details.



  1. We would get bats in our house a lot growing up (we were a pastor's family--bats kind of followed us around.) The last time it happened, as our cat pranced into the kitchen with the bat, wings still flapping pointlessly, in its mouth, my mom pushed me and my sister in front of her into the room and plopped a lamp shade on her head in protection (presumably from the nest building.) People do silly things when it comes to bats...

  2. JUST to set the record straight....I was NOT sobbing under that cutting table, yes, I was squealing a bit, but no sobs.
    AND Mary forgot to add that in her "big hurry" to rescue me from the bat she took time out in the basement to use the facilities! That seemed to get left out of her account, that it took her quite a while to return to my rescue!
    Okay, so I am afraid of bats, I will willingly admit to this being true. And I have a whole new respect for Mary in her bat catching abilities and lack of fear.....hero is a strong word, but at that moment she was mine! (that was hard to say out loud, LOL)
    Thanks Mary! (for saving me and not so much for telling all my fear!)

  3. You forgot to mention that I wanted a free fat quarter because I am so skinny...

  4. Great Aunt Mary... You are funny:)