Thursday, January 5, 2012

January - February Classes

Quilt Shop of Chisholm

116 W Lake St

Chisholm, MN 55719



January Class Schedule:

Thursday, Jan. 5, 4pm-8pm - Stash Pot Pie II

Thursday, Jan. 12, 4pm-8pm - Stash Pot Pie I

Saturday, Jan. 14, 10am-11am- Generals’ Wives Block of the Month*

Wednesday, Jan 18, 2pm-6pm - Farmer’s Wife

Thursday, Jan. 19, 6pm-8pm - Wool Candle Mat of the Month*

Saturday, January 21, 10-11am - Tonga Rhapsody BOM #11

February Class Schedule:

Thursday, Feb. 2, 4pm-8pm - Stash Pot Pie II

Thursday, Feb. 9, 4pm-8pm - Stash Pot Pie I

Saturday, Feb. 11, 10am-11am- Generals’ Wives Block of the Month

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2pm-6pm - Farmer’s Wife

Thursday, Feb. 16, 6pm-8pm - Wool Candle Mat of the Month

Saturday, Feb. 18, 10-11am - Tonga Rhapsody BOM #12

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 10am-12noon - From Marti and Me Club*

Saturday, Feb. 25, 10am-12noon - From Marti and Me Club*

* Generals’ Wives B.O.M., Wool Candle Mat of the month, and Marti and Me Club are all starting this month. All have openings available. Go to to see pictures!



The 6th Annual Starts of the North Shop Hop will be March 1-3, 2012. Visit all eight shops, get your passport stamped at each shop, pick up your free pattern section and be eligible for top prizes. There will be EIGHT baskets worth over $100 each, filled with quilting goodies! Saturday, March 3 is BUS DAY and for the measly sum of $35.00, you can enjoy being chauffeured from shop to shop in luxury, will Carol Lee as you hostess. She will give you a foot massage and a pedicure between shops - no charge. JUST KIDDING, CAROL! Call me to sign up for the bus!

We have some great new blocks of the month and clubs starting this month. It’s not too late to come in and check them out (or look on the blog) and join up.

Stash Pot Pie I - you guys met when I was in South Carolina last month, and I did not leave you a new pattern for this month. So we will be continuing to work on last month’s quilt (or the one before.)

Stash Pot Pie II - Certain Stash Pot Pie II Members have decided they want to “buck the system” (what a surprise) and work on the 3-part mystery quilt that starts in the Jan-Feb issue of McCalls Quilting Magazine. If you are a member of Stash Pot Pie II and are interested in doing this, we will help you decide on fabrics from your stash OR !!!!NEW!!!! Fabrics. It only requires four different fabrics. You can do this in place of our scheduled pattern, “Pocket Full of Posies” on page 87 of the scrap quilts magazine you all have. Don’t lose that magazine, I don’t have any more!!!!!!! Or, you can do both. Or neither. Just come to class!!!!

Generals’ Wives Block of the Month is a beautiful 100” x 100” quilt that honors the wives of the Civil War generals. Each month you receive the fabric and instructions for a block and a biographical story about one of the wives of the generals. Throughout the year you will receive bits and pieces of the setting blocks, so when you finish up the year, you will have everything ready to put together and it will be done! Check out a picture of the quilt on the blog.

Wool Candle Mat of the month - “A Crow for all Seasons” is the name of the series of patterns that not only have darling candle mat designs for each month, but a Crow you can make from wool and “dress” each month (hats, scarves, flags, nosegays, etc.). No, I have not lost my mind. Jackie has made the sample for January and people are signing up as soon as they see it! I still have the class open, so if you sign up too late to get started in January, you can catch up. You do NOT have to make the crow. But the first month you get a pattern for the crow (whether you want it or not) and the wool to make the crow. And you will find yourself getting attached to the crow. Jackie volunteered to make it “because it’s part of the pattern and someone may want to make it” and got so attached to the crow that she was reportedly talking to it. She and Bev took it to Lowes to buy a dowel and wooden stand for it and Bev said she asked the crow, “How did you enjoy your trip to Lowes?” Bev called me and simply said, “there’s an issue with the crow.” My 20 year old daughter, who hates everything in the shop(!!), saw the crow and said, “I want one of these! Will you make me one?” The price of the candle mat of the month is $26.00 and includes the pattern and wool for the background, applique and backing. If you want to make two, the second kit of the wool only is $18.00.

From Marti and Me Club is a monthly club that is going to meet every 4th Wednesday or every 4th Saturday of the month. Each month, starting in February, you will have a demonstration of a Tool of the Month by none other that LAURA LIGNELL, the master of combining teaching and entertainment. I like to call her a “teachertainer”. That sounds better than calling her an “entereacher”. For the small fee of $5.00 per month, you become a From Marti and Me Club member, which entitles you to attend the monthly meeting (you pick which works better for you, Wednesday mornings or Saturdays), watch a fascinating demonstration of the Tool of the Month and get the pattern FREE that she is demonstrating. In addition, as a club member you will get a 10% discount if you buy the tool she is demonstrating. If you like the project and want a kit of it, you will also have the opportunity to buy the kit at a 10% discount! Kits will be available after the club, but only CLUB MEMBERS will get the free pattern and club discounts. The February project is called “Bali Breezes” and will be showcased in two color ways. Sign up as soon as possible!!!! Call within the next ten minutes and get a free steak knife…………..oops - I got carried away.

Next month we will have another episode of “Murder in the Quilt Shop of Chisholm”, but for now I just wanted to get the newsletter and class schedule out!


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