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Quilt Shop of Chisholm

July/August Newsletter

Class Schedule:

During the summer months, Stash Pot Pie I and II do not meet, but will be back with a vengence in September.

Generals’ Wives - (the 2nd Saturday) July 14 and August 11, 10am-Noon

Marti and Me Club - (4th Wed. or 4th Sat.) 10am-noon. Saturday June 23, July 28 and August 25th; Wednesday June 27, July 25 and August 22.


Amish with a Twist Block of the Month - (the 3rd Thursday) 6pm-7pm, Thursday June 21st, July 19th and August 16.


Women of Courage Block of the Month - (the 3rd Saturday) 10am-Noon, July 21 and August 18.


Here is a picture of our sample of “Amish with a Twist” (I‘ve been referring to it as “Fifty Shades of Amish.”) Jennifer and I (mostly Jennifer) made the sample, and I think it is the most striking and enchanting quilt I’ve ever seen. The block of the month will be June - October (that’s 5 months for those of you who didn’t go to Duluth East high school like Bev did), and will be $30.00 per month. Or I will have kits ready for the entire quilt top and binding for $150.00. The quilt is very fun to make using all the bright colors.

Women of Courage block of the month is a beautiful quilt made from gorgeous Windham fabrics with a border print that pulls it all together. I’ve been so busy “petting” the fabric that I haven’t made the sample quilt yet. Here is a picture of the quilt from the poster the fabric company sent to me.

Here is a picture of the border print:

Marti and Me Club meets on the 4th Wednesday and the 4th Saturday of each month. Laura Lignell does a great job in demonstrating a different ruler and/or templates by Marti Michell. You can make a project as small or as big as you like with the patterns given to club members, all for a mere cost of $5.00 per month club fee. This month the sample is a darling little 12” wall hanging called “Cabana Houses”.

Speaking of cabanas, summer has officially arrived and I have not posted the SUMMER DRESS CODE. June 15, 2006, was when I opened Quilt Shop of Chisholm, and the following summer I devised the Summer Dress Code, which still applies, so let me review: You may not wear shorts into the shop unless your legs are pastey white. The only exception to this rule is if you have a “sock line”. Tube tops are prohibited, as are any strapless top. (If you jump up and down with excitement in the shop, we just don’t want to deal with the strapless results. Unfortunately, there are children in the shop sometimes, so it’s only decent that we ban tube tops.) And finally, if your hair looks better than mine, you may only stay a maximum of 10 minutes, make your purchase and leave. Certainly no hanging around for coffee, and if you’r here for a class, I will quietly refund your class fee. I will be the final judge of whether your hair looks better than mine or not.

That last part may have to be revised since a year ago I whacked off my hair in a menopausal, psycho rage, so it is very hard for anyone’s hair to look worse that mine. Mine is growing out, though, so we’ll only suspend that part of the code for this summer. And of course the shorts and tube top rules still apply. Ha!!

Quilt Minnesota, the state-wide shop hop is starting August 3. Remember, you may buy the fabrics, but you can’t take them with you until then, or we can mail them. Same goes with the kits we have made up. We’ve made some nice samples, so come and see them!


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