Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Address:  331 6th Ave SW, Chisholm, MN  55719
Phone:      218-254-1700

(and, incidently, January Newsletter)

This is the sixth December I have been in business and every one of those Decembers I -- PANIC! -- (just ask Bev). I panic because everyone is busy with Christmas preparations and if they are making Christmas presents, they have already bought their fabrics for those presents. It’s kind of like when you are a little child and all the preparations are made for your birthday party and you’re staring out the window waiting for your guests arrive and all of a sudden you have a terrifying thought: WHAT IF NOBODY SHOWS UP? So every December I go through this. (It always turns out okay, but this year I’m closed December 22-January 1 to go to South Carolina for Christmas, so I’m in HIGH PANIC MODE because I want to order new fabric for 2013. So, this year I’ve decided to have a December Panic Sale. Details:

For the general public, the sale is December 10th-15th, Monday through Saturday, one week only. For those of you who get the newsletter, this sale starts right now and goes through Dec. 15!!!

25% off all fabrics!!! (one yd cut min.)

25% off all kits!!! (does not include BOM kits)


Buy 20 or more fat quarters and get them for $1.50 each, instead of $2.75 or $3.00!!!

You cannot afford to miss this sale!

Punch cards will be punched, but save your full cards for 2013, they cannot be redeemed during this sale!!!!!!!!!!

JANUARY NEWSLETTER   We moved to our current location, 331 6th Ave SW in October, for those of you who haven't been by to see us.  Then on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the building next to the OLD location of the quilt shop burned.  We would have lost all our fabric to smoke damage and water damage - so we are really blessed.  But being next door to a liquor store is VERY interesting.  Just now, while I was hiding in my office doing the newsletter, a man walked in with his six pack of beer and wanted to know what a quilt shop was and who owned it and what we did here.  So, of course, Barb had to drag me out from the back to answer his questions.  If we see a man approaching, we will fight to the death to get to the back room first so we don't have to talk to him.  Invariably, men who don't quilt or have wives or girlfriends who quilt will want to custom order a king size quilt with "fish" or "deer" on it and pay about $25-$50 for it.  My favorite part is telling them that a king size quilt custom made would be about $1000 minimum.  I should get my camera out before I tell them and snap their picture as I tell them.  I would gladly custom make a quilt for $1000 minimum but I don't think there's enough money in the world to make me put "fish" on it.  That is my personal opinion (the fish) just like you will never see me making a Sunbonnet Sue quilt (there is something evil under that bonnet, I just know it) or a quilt that has trapunto (I don't even like people to SAY trapunto.)   Anyway, we are very happy at our new shop and January classes are:   Thursday, January 3, Stash Pot Pie II Thursday, January 10, Original Stash Pot Pie Friday, January 11, Needlers Club (hand embroidery) Saturday, January 19th - Mill Girls BOM and Women of Courage BOM.   Remember, we have NEW HOURS now:  Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm except when there are classes on Thursday nights.    Mary      

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