Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 2011 Class Schedule and Newsletter

Class Schedule and Newsletter

Class Schedule:


UFO class - Thursday, January 6, whenever you get here until 8pm

Aunt Grace Circle of Friends BOM (Month #5) - Saturday, Jan. 8, 12-1pm

Patriots in Petticoats NEW Block of the Month!!!!!! - Saturday, Jan. 8, 10-11am

Monthly Mini NEW Block of the Month!!!!! - Tuesday, Jan 11, 4-6pm (or later)

Hand Quilting??????? - Tuesday, Jan. 11, during the day??? A prize to anyone who can tell me why I have this written on my calender? Did I tell someone we’re doing a class??????

Farmer’s Wife 12-step program support group (My Name is _______, and I am a blockaholic) - Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2-6pm

Stash Pot Pie - Thursday, Jan. 13, whenever til 8pm

Back Home BOM - (last month! You better be caught up!) - Saturday, Jan. 15, 12-2pm

Wool Applique NEW Block of the Month!!!!! - Thursday, Jan. 20, 6-8pm


If your name is mentioned in this newsletter (no matter how inappropriately) you will receive a free FAT QUARTER!!!


I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - today the kids are back in school. My son Austin is the perfect example that, for children, “hope springs eternal”. Even though my husband works for the school and Austin knows he was out plowing snow two days over the weekend with the other guys who work at the school, he said to me last night, “Maybe Mr. Varichak will cancel school tomorrow because of all the snow we’ve gotten. Maybe it will be too slippery to walk on. Maybe it will be too cold.” I wanted to say “And maybe pigs will fly” but I didn’t because that would have gotten me an eye roll and a possible arm crossing. My kids do not think I’m funny, they do not think I’m cool, and in some cases they don’t seem to even think I’m presentable. I know when I lost the respect of my older boys. It was when they were in elementary school and we were coming out of a Target store in the rain. I told them to wait under the shelter while I went and got the car. Then I made the fatal mistake of putting an empty plastic bag over my hair to keep it dry. They were humiliated and traumatized. I guess Charlotte and Austin just picked up the attitude through osmosis. But that’s part of being a mother, I guess. Learning that your kids do not want you to carry on a conversation with their friends or show up at a public school function unless they have pre-approved your clothing choices. Or, as my son David said to me once, “Seriously, Mom. Are you really going out like that?”

The Million Pillowcase Challenge is a national challenge to make pillowcases for donation to charities of our choice. This Sunday we will meet to have a pillowcase marathon! Bring your machine and any fabric that you wish to use for pillowcases. We also happen to have fabric here (surprise) that you may purchase for a VERY reduced price to make pillowcases.

UFO class - Karen Copeman, there is no pie served at this class. I repeat, no pie.

The Patriots in Petticoats new block of the month still has a few openings, Bonnie Keith. This is using fabric circa 1840 designed by Windham Fabrics in conjunction with the Daughters of the American Revolution. Each pattern has two blocks to make for the month and a commentary on a particular female patriot. Some of these stories are unbelievable - when you think of the time these women lived. Those of you who were in the Civil War Tribute block of the month class -- these blocks are a JOY to make - AND - they come out the right size!!!! Believe me, it took both Bev and I to figure out how to do the Civil War block 10 (and then I had to pry it from her hands while telling her it was as good as it was going to get and it would all quilt out. I have very low standards and Bev has very high standards.) If you are signed up for the Patriots in Petticoats class, you will enjoy it very much. If you want to sign up, call me.

The Monthly Mini new block of the month will start on Tuesday, Jan. 11. (Still a few places open.) The time is 4-6pm, but we will stay later if you can’t get here from work and want instruction on the applique, Maggie Manion. Most of you are familiar with the fusible applique technique, but if you need instruction and want to stay past 6pm, I’ll stay with you. The first month you will receive your 12” x 14” stand and the pattern, fabric, buttons and stand topper for February. Instructor: Bev. Cost: $25.00 per month and $20.00 sign up (for the stand).

Call me if you want to sign up!

Farmer’s Wife - What is not to love about the Farmer’s Wife book? You can come to this class and copy the template sizes from my book so that you can rotary cut them. You can use your scraps to make the blocks. There is no class fee. All you need is the book! Come join us……………………….

Stash Pot Pie - You guys are SO lucky that Bev is here. When I overheard some of you saying you wanted to do a SCRAP quilt, possibly a crazy quilt, my evil side came out and I found the perfect pattern. It is so horrendous and I thought to myself “I’ll fix their little red wagon. If they want scrap crazy quilting, THIS will shut them up.” I showed it to Bev (not on purpose) and she told me I could NOT do that to my Stash Pot Pie class and that I’ve always said that Stash Pot Pie was my favorite class and it was MEAN to give them a pattern like that. So I withdraw the pattern I showed you last month, Karen Weber, but you can still do it, if you want to! I’ll come up with a more user friendly scrap quilt pattern.

Back Home Block of the Month - this is our last month - Block 9 and we’ll be ready to put on borders.

Wool Applique NEW Block of the Month! - Jackie has brought in the first block sample - it is very pretty. Last year’s quilt had only red, green, gold and brown wool - but this year’s has gorgeous colors! $15.00 per month, plus threads.



  1. From Mary’s sister, Jenny: I never did receive my free fat quarter (Alas, don’t get your hopes up for this month, Bonnie) and I still don’t know what one is! And, since I am from the deep South—Beaufort, SC to be exact—I have been trying to envision all of you in your snow boots coming to the quilt shop class called Patriots in Petticoats in sub-zero weather. NOT a pretty picture.

  2. I just want to know why it has to be a FAT quarter?? You quilters are gonna get sued for discrimination. Why can't it just be a "boundary-challenged quarter"? i mean really...