Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Newsletter

Quilt Shop of Chisholm

116 W Lake St

Chisholm, MN 55719


Hrs: M T W F 10am-6pm,Th 10am-8pm, Sat 9am-4pm


UFO - Thursday, February 3, whenever until 8pm

Monthly Mini BOM - Tuesday, Feb. 8, 4-6pm or later

Farmer’s Wife - Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2-6pm

Stash Pot Pie - Thursday, Feb. 10, whenever until 8pm

Patriots in Petticoats - Saturday, Feb. 12, 10am-11am

Aunt Grace Circle of Friends - Saturday, Feb. 12, 12-1pm

Wool Block of the Month - Thursday, Feb. 17, 6-8pm


If your name is mentioned in this newsletter, no matter how inappropriately, you will receive a FREE FAT QUARTER!!!


My niece Jodie, who does not quilt, reads my blog and made a comment: “What is with you quilters and fat quarters? That is discrimination. You should call them ’boundry-challenged quarters’.” I don’t know if you remember me writing about her in a previous newsletter, but to sum it up, when she was pregnant with her second child and it was a BOY, I told her that her life was OVER. I was right. I haven’t seen her in a while. If you think it’s bad now, Jodie, wait until you discover that he’s raising chickens in his bedroom closet when he’s 17. Just a little something for you to look forward to.

NEW IN MARCH - Tonga Rhapsody 2011 Block of the Month! These are beautiful batiks that we received recently and we have a sign up sheet! It will be $22.00 per month and includes pattern, fabrics for top binding AND WIDE BATIK BACKING. Such a deal!!!!


5th Annual Stars of the North Shop Hop February 23-26. Saturday the 26th we will have a bus (LUXURY COACH with a bathroom) leaving from the Quilt Shop of Chisholm at 8am. We are over half full and need to fill up so CALL ME TO SIGN YOU UP!!!!!!!!!! The cost is $35.00. We will have muffins and coffee for you when you get here from 7:30-8:00, a goodie bag to take on the bus and a hostess to entertain you on the bus!!! If you don’t know Carol Lee, you will by the time you get off the bus. She is very nice, very pretty and I’m not sure but I think she’s a little bit naughty, Sharon Beaver. That must be why I like her! We will have dinner ready for you when you get back from your tour of the other 6 shops: Terri’s Treasures in Iron, Aitkin Quilts and Fabrics, Timeless Treasures in McGregor, Elaine’s Corner in Hill City, Tiger Textiles in Grand Rapids, and Quilts Around the Corner in Hibbing.

QUILT CAMP is coming and I have about 10 people signed up so far - April 28-May 1, Thursday-Sunday. Is it Spring yet??????!!!!!!!

If you signed up for UFO, Pat Young, or if you didn’t sign up, come anyway! I have a feeling the numbers will be low this month because the 1st Thursday “snuck up” on us. Is “snuck” a word? Which brings me to another subject - the UFO class started out as a time for you to finish “unfinished objects” while I demonstrated a technique or new tool for your education. I know it’s hard to believe, but I slacked off a little. Remember the first class where I talked about

A Triangle Block Exchange

And you all looked at me with glassy eyes? The book “Friendship Triangles” by Edyta Sitar has BEAUTIFUL quilts and projects made from half square triangles using her 2” half square triangle paper. We bundle these up using a dark strip of fabric or batik and a light strip along with a sheet of triangle paper that makes 28 half square triangles and sell them for $2.50. They are by the cash register and we call them “Cinnamon Sticks” (NOT “Cigars”, Mary Jo.) We now have a sign up sheet if you want to make up HST (half square triangles) and exchange them in the shop. Come check it out, and come check out the 2 quilts we have in the shop made from these HST’s: “Tree of Life” and “Southern Exposure”. Of course, kits are available if you want to purchase them, and the kits include the cigars -- I mean cinnamon sticks, Bev Cherro.

Monthly Mini’s - there is still 1 opening for the Monthly Minis Block of the Month. The stand (which those of you who picked up already know) is $20.00. Each month you get the pattern, fabrics and any buttons if needed along with your stand topper for $25.00. Very cute.

Farmer’s Wife - I’m back to cranking out blocks again! This is fun. This class is very loosely formed - you can copy square and triangle sizes from my book if you don’t want to use templates (who does?) or you can cut your fabrics or sew your blocks or browse the fat quarters (boundry challenged quarters) or just sit and stare into space and drink coffee. No class fee.

Stash Pot Pie - If you need a copy of the cutting directions for the February class, we have them. This month is FRENCH SILK CHOCOLATE PIE and KEY LIME PIE. God bless you, Karl.

Patriots in Petticoats Block of the Month - THE FABRICS ARE HERE and we can finally start. Month 1 is 2 different 10” finished blocks and they are beautiful and go together like a dream. Come see my blocks. Yours are ready to pick up! There are still some openings for this Block of the Month. $21.50 per month, Julie Lange.

Aunt Grace Circle of Friends Block of the Month - Block number 6 - the applique! We will be including “Doris’s Tips” with this month’s pattern. Next month (month 7) includes your borders and binding to finish!

Wool Applique - BY POPULAR DEMAND, I’VE GOTTEN IN MORE KITS FOR THE WOOL BLOCK OF THE MONTH, SO YOU CAN STILL JOIN! $15.00 PER MONTH, PLUS THREAD. The blocks are BEAUTIFUL. Jackie has 3 done (she’s in the Cities with a new grandchild and took her stuff with her, so I’m sure she’ll come back with a few more!)

Who wants to do a One Block Wonder quilt like the one Kay DelGreco made hanging behind the cash register? I have broken out my MAGIC MIRROR and found some really great fabrics that will work. Let’s do a class in March. Let me know if you are interested!!!!!!!

Carol and I work very hard to keep the e-mail list for the newsletter as accurate as possible. Last month there were a number of e-mail addresses returned to us as undeliverable. Most of these were part of the Paul Bunyan network. It appears that our e-mails were blocked due to a filter named “barracuda reputation.” Others were rejected due to a variety of reasons such as: user unknown and mailbox unavailable. So why are we telling you when you obviously are getting the newsletter by email? Because maybe you have a friend who says, “I don’t get the newsletter anymore” and you can tell her that it may be because of this problem and to check with us. Ditto if you are reading this on the blog.

Last but not least: A big thank you to Barb Henry and all the women who made pillow cases for the 1 million pillow case challenge. We have provided 250 pillowcases to The U of MN Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit and the local United Way. The local United Way will distribute these pillow cases to local shelters in St Louis County. Both places were VERY grateful to receive these pillow cases. Barb Henry (who begs for an Employee of the Month award “like Spongebob Squarepants gets” every month) deserves a big pat on the back for organizing this - she suggested it, organized it and made it happen. Good Job, Barb! As a token of my appreciation, I gave her an employee of the month certificate for January 2011. The last time I saw her she was leaving the shop muttering something under her breath about “this is the thanks I get------a pat on the back is free------thankless, good for nothing----see how many Mondays I work from now on------”. I think she must have been on the way to the printer to have her certificate framed!!!!!!

My sisters donate to this charity and asked me to include the link on my blog.


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