Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Newsletter

April 2011 Newsletter

Quilt Shop of Chisholm
116 W Lake St
Chisholm, MN 55719

Hours: MTWF 10am-6pm, The 10am-8pm, Sat 9am-4pm

April Classes:

UFO - Thursday, April 7, ?-8pm
Patriots and Petticoats Block of the Month - Saturday, April 9, 10am-11am
Monthly Mini’s B.O.M. - Tuesday, April 12, 4-6pm (or until you need us)
Stash Pot Pie - Thursday, April 14, ?-8pm
Tonga Rhapsody - Saturday, April 16, 10-11am
Geometric Gems - Wednesday, April 20th and May 4th, 1pm-4pm or 5pm-8pm
Wool Appliqué B.O.M. - Thursday, April 21, 6pm-8pm

Quilt Camp!!!!! - Thursday, April 28 till Sunday, May 1

Remember, if your name is mentioned in the newsletter, no matter how inappropriately, you will get a FREE FQ when you come in and tell me!

We still have openings in the Patriots, Tonga Rhapsody and Wool Blocks of the Month if you didn’t sign up and want to start them! I have finished the top of the Patriots quilt and it is unbelievably beautiful. The blocks all came out the right size - even the ribbon border fit and was a no-brainer! I have to give Bev credit for sewing the blocks together and making a few of the blocks. (No - really - I HAVE to give her credit or she will make my life miserable. She says the only time I give her credit for sewing something is when I’ve messed it up and she has to finish it and it’s too far gone to fix correctly.)

UFO and STASH POT PIE will both have pie (or cake) this month due to the fact that Nancy K. wanted her sister to attend Stash Pot Pie on the 2nd Thursday and her sister went ahead and booked her plane ticket so that she will be here the 1st Thursday. So we are pretending that UFO is Stash Pot Pie for Nancy (she is making a Wacky Cake!) and her sister. Sisters are a piece of work, aren’t they? Who else can be your best friend and worst enemy all within a 24 hour period? Except for my sisters, of course. We are all united in making our only brother’s life a Living Hell. It’s okay, his wife and daughters are united with us. We don’t even have to try, it just comes naturally! Anyway, come to UFO and we’ll pretend it’s Stash Pot Pie.

Stash Pot Pie will still be Stash Pot Pie and Karl will be baking for us! Come and join us, even if you aren’t going to sew -- you will be amazed at the things you learn and the surveys you are asked to participate in. No subject is taboo. No Subject. My husband will not come to the shop during Stash Pot Pie because he doesn’t want to overhear any of the conversations. And at any given time, there are at least three conversations going strong.

Geometric Gems -- This is a technique class that will be taught by Karen Skraba. It will help you control your scrappy strip techniques, teach you bias techniques while creating diamonds, assist you with pieced borders and talk about finishing (quilting) techniques. All in only two sessions! The sample will be in the shop by April 1, so you can see what you’ll be making, and the book and ruler you will need will be available for purchase. Also, I’ll help you pick out your fabrics before class. Class will be April 20 and May 4, 1pm to 4pm (Wednesday afternoon.) If you can’t make afternoon classes, Karen says she will also do a class the same days from 5pm to 8pm if there is enough interest! Class fee $15 per class, so $30 total plus book and supplies.

QUILT CAMP at Chicagami -- Thursday to Sunday, $160.00. Friday to Sunday, $130.00. So far we still have space available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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